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We launched our 1808 Free Trial of SAP Marketing Cloud. Since last release, our imaginary company Gallo D’Oro has evolved very well. With lots of happy coffee drinking customers, we could focus on implementing some new interesting marketing features:

Customer Journey Manager

With Customer Journey Manager, our marketer can build, measure, and optimize customer journeys across every lifecycle stage, channel, and touchpoint. You can create new journeys, search for existing journeys, and monitor the performance of each campaign assigned to an activity. For illustrating the power of customer journey manager, we have setup a reference journey for you.

SMS Campaigns

In the Content Studio app, we have now enabled SMS campaigns. With SMS campaigns, you can send text messages to your customers and react on their behavior. For example, you can send out a reminder text message when your customer hasn't opened the email for longer than five days, or you can send a text message when the customer clicked a specific link in your email.

Free Trial users can check it out by releasing their own SMS campaign. In Campaign Performance, you can monitor the success of your SMS campaign based on sample data. You also get an overview of the data quality, for example, you see how many addresses are bounced or run in permission limits.

Monitor Campaign Execution

By using the new app Monitor Campaign Execution, a marketing manager or a marketing expert can track the execution runs of email campaigns for the last three months, identify errors in email campaigns, and troubleshoot errors by performing necessary actions in the Campaigns application.


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