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The emails sent out within a campaign will be viewed on different devices and displayed by different email clients. As a marketer you want to check how the email will be shown to the recipients on different devices and clients.

See email previews and spam filter check results

Now, SAP Marketing Cloud provides you the possibility to integrate with Return Path. The service of Return Path will provide you

  • email previews for different devices and email clients

  • additional feedback on the spam rating for your email

Both information can be viewed in SAP Marketing Cloud directly.
With the integration of Return Path on your system, the information will be out-of-the-box available in the Content Studio app on the new tab "Spam Filer and Email Previews".

Here you can gather valuable information regarding the spam ratings of your dedicated email.

Furthermore, you can see the email previews for different devices and email clients:

This function is available if you have signed a separate contract with the external service provider Return Path. To do so, please contact Return Path via for a contract on spam filter check and email previews.


How to setup in SAP Marketing Cloud

1. Request an Account from Return Path.

Request an account with sufficient contract volumes. If this is exceeded, the system does not perform any further checks. You need only one Company ID, because only one can be used here. Inform Return Path that you are using a REST API. Trigger the activation of the following functions:

  • Inbox Preview

  • Spam Filter Check

  • Rest API usage

Once Return Path has created the account, you receive the following information:

  • API account name

  • Password for this account

  • Company ID

2. Create an incident for the SAP component CEC-MKT-MEM.

Enter the following information:

  • Description: Request for individual activation of SAP_COM_1035

  • Your credential data, which you received from Return Path, that is:

  • Return Path account name (may look like a GUID)

  • Acount password

  • Company ID created for this account

  • For information about securely transferring your Return Path credentials,
    see SAP Note 1773689.

How to setup in SAP Marketing ( Release 1709 SP01 or higher)

See the documentation for SAP Marketing:
Using the Spam Filter and Email Previews


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