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Problem Statement:

We have received notification from one of our Internet Service Providers in Greater China that a tightening of restrictions for the Internet will be implemented for the domain * where all SSL traffic on port 443 will be blocked.

SAP Marketing Cloud uses several SAP communication scenarios that point(ed) to hosts under the domain

The blocking comes into effect on Oct 1st, 2021.

SAP Marketing Cloud has taken action to mitigate the problem, but some follow-up work by customers is necessary.

To do by customers running their SAP Marketing Cloud instance in Greater China.

The following paragraphs describe the actions to take by all SAP Marketing Cloud Customers in Greater China. These are customers that have signed a deal that have their data center in China.

1. Landing Pages

Landing pages need to be republished. When republished, they are put on a .cn server that creates a new url which needs to be corrected in campaigns.

2. Email Campaigns

Email campaigns contain content that includes links and images. These links and images point to an SAP Managed service which was redirected from a .com domain to a .cn domain. To ensure that the changes come into effect, do the following:

  1. Stop the campaigns.

  2. Adjust the configuration of the Simple Content Repository in the Content Repository configuration app. Press the Migrate button if visible. This switches the repository to the new URL.

  3. Adjust the settings in your customer-managed content delivery network ( to the adjusted configuration of step 2. Enter the new repository URL from the Simple Content Repository as the new endpoint.

  4. Check the email content, the content templates, and the reusable blocks to ensure that they point to a .cn domain or the newly configured customer-managed CDN.

Adjust the links to landing pages to the new link. However, the landing pages need to be republished first (as mentioned above).

2.1 Side Effects


Any historical email campaigns that point to .com domain servers and count the opens and click kpis will not be updated when the .com domains are blocked.

The kpis are updated until the .com domain are blocked, but no new data will arrive afterwards.

Historical campaign data will remain in the system for campaign performance analysis.


When the email campaigns are adjusted as described above, the open and click kpis for emails will be updated for new and restarted campaigns.

All the old links in the old emails will not work as of September 30th as they are using a host which will no longer be accessible .


3. Customer Managed Communication Scenarios


SAP Marketing Cloud has many integration points. If these integration points are using a host which is under the domain *, they need to be adjusted to point to the right domain (* To perform the adjustment, as an administrator in SAP Marketing Cloud, open the “Communication Systems” application and change all the required host names.

For example, an SAP Cloud Integration host would be modified with the following values:

  • Old pattern: [scpi-tenant]

  • Old host example:

  • New pattern: [scpi-tenant]

  • New host example:


4. Integration using SAP Cloud Integration


Please note that all the consuming services of the SAP Cloud Integration under the domain * need to be adjusted to * Kindly verify that all the endpoints which integrate SAP Marketing Cloud via SAP Cloud  Integration are pointing to the new * domain. This could include integrations such as:



  • SAP Commerce

  • SAP Cloud for Customer

  • Mobile App Integration with Google Firebase

  • Any non-SAP systems