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We're back, hot off the press with SAP Marketing Cloud August '21 (2108) Release. Our latest release focuses on innovations that help marketers across B2B and B2C brands to seamlessly scale while gaining deeper insights into their customers that support decision-making and drive action to optimize their experiences.

Our latest release focuses even more on the capabilities you have asked for, including:  deeper customer profiling and segmentation, lead & account-based marketing, campaign & journey orchestration, and integrations.

Let’s deep dive into some of the key innovations in the August ’21 Release a little further.


Stay in tune with your customer's expectations

Now more than ever customers expect adherence to their engagement preferences.  Don't get caught up in fines, high unsubscribe rates, and poor sentiment.  Make sure you are not only focusing on the right demographics from the get-go, but also interpreting customer interactions as they shape each individuals' experience.

Further profile your audience with the inclusion of deeper Qualtrics survey integration.  Don't force your customers to fill out a three-page form simply to convert.  Entice them over time with progressive profiling, and get to know them on their terms at a mutual pace.

Finally, the pains of uploading offline event data are gone.  No need to integrate into third party applications.  Simply upload your data manually with our guided tool.

Account-Based Marketing Handoff

Not every interaction or touch point is relevant in the sales cycle.  That said, you never want to miss out on an opportunity.  Define your meaningful interactions and data points that are relevant to your sales team to drive the next best action.


The proof is in the pudding

We're only as good as the metrics we report.  Ask for an extra $10,000 on your marketing budget next year and surely management will ask you to justify.  Getting access to the data you need, however, in an easy to use format is another story.  That's why, with 2108, we've simplified the reporting process for you.  Get the information you need at your fingertips with a redesigned interface, easier to read data, and new functionality, including the ability define your own filters.  Get a seat at the revenue table with SAP Marketing Cloud.



Content is still king

Charting a clear path for your customers is a difficult thing to do.  Why?  Each follows their own route.  Meeting each at their relative stop points with the right information is crucial in today's ultra competitive market.  We've made it even easier for marketers to engage at scale with improvements across emails, forms, and landing pages.

  • Personalize email engagements even further by leveraging customer interaction data.

  • Preview personalized emails before they hit your recipients' mailbox.

  • Leverage a smarter testing engine to optimize your email deliverability.

  • Analyze device-type viewership to see which clients and OS are working the best.

  • Progressively profile your customers over time to get to know them on their terms.

An integration a day keeps the doctor away

Need to deliver multi-lingual content across different regions or personas?  Tired of having to manually add in new language support?  No more.  We've made it even easier to create emails at scale in multiple languages.

And finally, but of huge importance, bring all the backend monitoring into SAP Cloud ALM to enable end-to-end system automation and notification of application jobs and backend processes.  System administrators, rejoice!

Late night reading

Take advantage of the SAP Marketing Cloud August ’21 Release (2108 Release) now!

Have ideas for product improvements? Post them on the SAP Customer Influence, or vote for existing ideas so we can help maximize your impact with SAP Marketing Cloud.