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Now more than ever, customers expect brands to be with them every step of the way as they navigate the new normal. Changing customer behavior and demand are giving rise to both opportunities and challenges, and to stay relevant marketers are looking at new ways to maintain connection and engagement with their customers. See the latest innovations in SAP Marketing Cloud 2005 release that are here to help marketers deliver more moments that matter to their customers.

See how marketers gain a holistic view of their contacts and accounts with multi-faceted B2B relationship, expand on the cross-channel experience capabilities with multi-channel campaign, design personalized emails easily and quickly with Litmus, and more.


Multi-faceted B2B Relationship Marketing

People often work with more than one company. C-suite executives often lead more than one company and serve on the board of multiple corporations, or a consultant might work on behalf of multiple organizations. B2B marketers must know their customers intimately as B2B marketing is multi-faceted and multi-touch, and the vast majority of B2B purchases involve a growing number of stakeholders at different levels of seniority and with different functional responsibilities in different companies.

The many-to-many relationship data model offers a holistic view into the complexities of business relationships. Marketers can easily relate one contact to multiple accounts, track the relationships between people and build high-value relationships with personalized approach.

The latest integration between SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Cloud for Customer (based on SAP Business Partner model) leverages the many-to-many relationship data model between accounts and contacts and simplifies the data integration and lead creation process. To learn more, see SAP Marketing Cloud and SAP Cloud for Customer integration.

The Interaction tab helps marketers to focus on building maximum customer satisfaction at each touchpoint along the buying journey. It provides a more granular view of the accounts and contacts' interactions and interests, sorted along a vertical timeline, together with the channel that the accounts and contacts used to interact with the company.


Enhance cross-channel experience with multi-channel campaign

Multi-channel campaign expands on the cross-channel experience capabilities by combining steps executed in the SAP Marketing Cloud, such as sending emails or mobile push notifications with steps executed on other marketing platforms, such as display ads through Google Campaign Manager on a single campaign. Marketers can intuitively respond to customers appropriately though paid media to progress the interactions along the customer journey by transferring contacts based on customer behavior or activities in SAP Marketing Cloud campaigns.

Note: In Release 2005, SAP Marketing Cloud supports the combination of steps executed in the SAP Marketing Cloud with steps executed on Google Campaign Manager or via custom integrations using the External Campaign Execution.


Email Inbox Previews with Litmus

Every minute matters when it comes to creating great email. With Litmus’ email inbox preview now available directly in SAP Marketing Cloud, it enables marketers to test emails as they build, saving time and streamlining their email production and testing process. Combining the power of Litmus with SAP Marketing Cloud lets marketers team collaborate more efficiently, set campaigns up for success with automated pre-send testing, and get engagement insights into what content and tactics resonate best with their audience. See Litmus Email Previews in Content Studio to find out more.

For other enhancements on email marketing, see Improved confirmation Emails per Marketing Area.


New visualization to organize marketing calendar

A marketing calendar is like the Marie Kondo of a marketer's entire campaign and content production strategy. The new visualization in Marketing Calendar with enhanced filtering and color label enable marketers to visualize and group campaigns, events and content by channels, product lines, regions, themes, and other custom fields. The new visualization is also making it easy for marketers to manage the increasing complexity of coordinating marketing activity, whether this be working with multiple regional teams to deliver a coordinated global launch or delivering a sophisticated layered integrated marketing campaign.

The flexible, configurable and shareable views in Marketing Calendar including a secondary calendar view allow marketers to develop a clear picture of the marketing efforts and visualize campaign schedules across channels to better understand the status of campaigns. To learn more, see New Marketing Calendar in SAP Marketing Cloud – Get the visibility you deserve!


UI Extensibility: Embed external content with just a URL

This new extensibility allows marketers to embed content from external applications or websites such as videos, maps or images to the page and easily bring additional contextual content and extend the information already available in SAP Marketing Cloud using a URL.


Take advantage of the SAP Marketing Cloud 2005 Release now!

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