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Pull on your Autumn ?? Sweater and get cozy with the 1911 release of SAP Marketing Cloud. With each release, SAP Marketing Cloud builds on our promise to empower marketers to take the reins on revenue by activating customer data, engaging with speed and intelligence, and optimizing marketing to drive growth and revenue.

This release includes a number of exciting new features including new NPS analytics at the account level, event-driven marketing with Qualtrics and Context-Driven Services, a brand new look for the Marketing Calendar and more.

Check out the key highlights of 1911 Release below!

And see more details on our release highlights below.

? Segment on customer service data to proactively respond to customer issues with the right messaging and offers

Enrich customer profiles, segment and trigger marketing outreach with enquiry and service ticket data in Marketing Cloud.

  • Act quickly to address customer satisfaction issues and safeguard trust and relationships

  • Improve advocacy and loyalty with personalized treatments based on full context of the customer relationship – i.e. reward customers with low service engagement; deliver white-glove offers for high value customers with service issues; manage investment in segments with high service engagement and lower levels of return

  • Pinpoint service ticket trends and develop remediation strategies, cross-sell/up-sell opportunities

For more information, see Customer Profiling Using Service Tickets and Integrating Service Tickets scenario.


? Simplified campaign flow designer

New branching functionality enables marketers to simplify the task of merging multiple campaign branches into common follow-up steps and reduce the repetition of sub-flows. Plus, enhanced trigger functionality simplifes the task of changing triggers in the campagin flow without losing the associated sub-flows.This greatly streamlines the time and number of clicks required for campaign design and visually simplifies the campaign canvas. This is especially useful for Email Opened and Click Through triggers.

Learn more about Merging Branches in the Campaign Design and Change Design-Time Triggers.


? Personalize Commerce-Driven Experiences with Marketing Cloud

Integration with Context-Driven Services allows marketing and digital commerce to work together seamlessly to recapture lost revenue opportunities, improve cross-sell/upsell and repeat purchase rates. Now marketers can enhance customer profiles, in real-time, with storefront clickstream and behavioral data, such as keyword searches and category and product views, to extend the commerce experience and enrich targeting and personalization across all channels.

Learn more about SAP Commerce Cloud, Context-Driven Servcies Integration with SAP Marketing Cloud.


A new approach to closed-loop CX with Qualtrics and Marketing Cloud

Marketers can now discover deeper customer insights with a new analytics story for B2B. Utilizing “NPS Feedback Analysis”, marketers can bring together NPS scores with account data to uncover key drivers of customer behavior and correlate that behavior to bottom line results. As a result, marketers can identify experience areas affecting or promoting satisfaction and prioritize strategies and investments that boost NPS among key buying groups - particularly those that drive the most revenue.

Register for one of these sessions 8:30am CET or 4:00pm CET for a deep dive into this new feature.


? New graphically rich, easy-to-use marketing calendar

We’ve streamlined the user interface and updated the features of the marketing calendar. It’s now easier than ever for users to filter campaigns, visualize campaign activity by day, month or quarter, keep track of changes over time and save views based on filter criteria.

Learn more about the new Marketing Calendar app.


? Enhanced Marketing Analytics stories

New! Responsive layouts and enhanced content for the following marketing analytics stories: Channel Interest Mix, New and Converted Contacts, Sentiment Media Mix, Campaign Success for Mobile Push Notification and Performance of Mobile Push Notifications Last Six Months stories.

Understand how analytic stories help marketers visualize and interpret success measures. Check out the videos here!


Take advantage of the SAP Marketing Cloud 1911 Release now!

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