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If you have heard of SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence and cannot seem to find it anymore - here it is! Morphed into a newly upgraded product called SAP hybris Marketing (yes the 'h' is lower case!) with an updated RDS package which includes all the functionalities of the previous version but with more features and content.

SAP hybris Marketing enables businesses to reach out to their consumerts, contacts, accounts using contextual marketing - where you market to a target on one based on the unique profile and preference. The foundation layer is called SAP hybris Marketing Data Management which provides the comprehensive view of the customers by collecting all relevant data to drive successful marketing campaigns.

The rapid deployment solutions for this product is based upon SAP hybris Marketing version 1502 which takes consumer marketing to a whole new level of real-time engagement and analysis. Here are some of the quick questions answered.

What does SAP hybris Marketing RDS cover?

The diagram above shows the overall scope which includes

  • Configuration guides for simpler implementation in weeks
  • Project plans and estimates for deployment
  • Additional dashboards and Lumira content at no additional cost
  • Special KPIs and model for Telecommunications Industry
  • Data Services content to bring any non-SAP data source into the application in a rapid data load to hybris package

Where can I find all the RDS content? Right here in Service Marketplace (

If you need additional information on all the possible data sources that can be loaded click here (

What do I need for my business? The table below helps you to find the functionality you are looking for in the RDS content list.

SAP hybris Marketing product moduleFunctionalityRDS Scope item
SAP hybris Marketing Data ManagementCustomer data and analyticsSocial Contact Intelligence (including Lumira Report), Access to hybris Marketing via Fiori Lauchpag
SAP hybris Marketing SegmentationPredictive SegmentationAudience Discover and Targeting, Integration to Sales and Marketing (to SAP CRM), Predictive Segmentation and hybris Marketing for Telecommunications
SAP hybris Marketing AcquireCampaign ManagementCampaign Management
SAP hybris Marketing RecommendationProduct offers based on customer behaviorProduct Recommendation Intelligence
SAP hybris Marketing InsightCustomer Revenue, Margin and Lifetime ValueCustomer Value Intelligence (including SAP Dashboards)

What do you need for deployment? For on-premise deployment you will need a SAP HANA and SAP Netweaver landscape with the product licenses for SAP hybris Marketing. For a cloud deployment all you need is a subscription license and access to data!

Interested in learning more?

Stay tuned!