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We are happy to announce that the 1708 Free Trial Version SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud is now available with an extended scope. With our so called “Guided Tours” you can directly learn and explore in the system how to use core marketing scenarios like Customer Journey Insight, Targeted Lead Creation, Offers and Offer Recommendations, Budget Planning, Spend Management and many others.

From our Trial Center, you can start those guided tours one by one and see how marketing employees get most out of their work. From the Trial Center you can also start the Hybris Marketing Launchpad which gives you access to many more Apps and features from the newest Marketing Release.

We have loaded the trial system again with plenty of data related to our model company, Gallo D’Oro – a first class vendor of premium coffee, chocolates, and high-end coffee machines. With 1708 Gallo D’Oro offers its products also via B2B channel. Therefore, you’ll find now Corporate Accounts, Leads and even more B2B related content in our Trial System.

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  • Customer Journey Insight

With Customer Journey Insight, you can explore the sequence of interactions performed by customers over a specified time, using various channels such as social media, web, and phone. You can also analyze interactions such as clicked ads, opened emails, and web searches that lead to purchase or abandoned shopping cart events. Try it out yourself!


  • Offers and Offer Recommendations

Offer Recommendation picks the best of all available offers for every consumer, in every sales channel, and in every moment, based on previous behavior and real-time context. A promotional offer is a promise based on conditions by a seller to select consumers, potentially in combination with an incentive. Have a look at the Offer Recommendations for Gallo D’Oro in the guided tour.

  • Budget Planning and Spend Management

Different organizations perform budget planning in different ways. For example, in some organizations, a budget is allocated to a brand, and marketing managers plan a budget for that brand and the markets. In other organizations, a budget is allocated to a country, and marketing managers plan a budget for that country and the brands.
To allow marketing managers to plan a budget according to their organization's requirements, you can configure how budget planning is performed by defining a planning model. Check in the guided tour how the Gallo D’Oro budget plan looks like and how Gallo D’Oro spends its budget!

  • Targeted Lead Creation:

Trigger the creation of leads in sales systems based on campaign execution. As a reaction to customer actions and behavior, leads are created so that sales representatives can further drive execution on those leads. You can monitor the success of campaigns and the conversion of leads in sales.


So, enjoy the new Free Trial Version and don’t forget to give us your feedback using the Give Feedback button directly in the header of the application.

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