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SAP Hybris Loyalty is our newest product enabling customers to run loyalty programs to build up long term relations.

Customers normally register to Loyalty programs via eCommerce, Microsites or even mobile Apps. SAP Hybris Loyalty has a very robust rule engine to react to any kind of events, e.g. sending a 1:1 eMail communications to newly registered members, such as sending "Welcome Mails".

In our newest release we added some features to run geo-location-enabled Loyalty Cards and Offers for members.

Loyalty Cards:

There are different types of printed/physical loyalty cards: mono and co-branding, with or without payment options etc.. All of them have pros and cons for customers and/or for brand owners.

In a digital world printed loyalty cards are not necessarily needed to identify members and granting benefits while shopping. But Loyalty cards are still important "to make the intangible (service) become tangible”. What does this mean? Many customers are proud members and even advocats for a brand. They are members of loyalty programs like frequent flyer programs or premium member clubs. They want to be treated as VIPs, with special benefits. Loyalty Cards are often seen as a tangible proof point that members are "special customers". But there are some disadvantages with physical cards - I just want to mention a few:

The biggest problem for members:

members need to carry them, they can get dysfunctional or even get lost!

The biggest problem for brand owners:

the costs of printing/sending or replacing cards!

But here the solution: SAP Hybris Loyalty!

Digital Loyalty Cards

With the newest release of SAP Hybris Loyalty you can create, design and send digital Loyalty Cards to Members and at the same time reduce the costs significantly. Customers can store these cards to their Digital Wallet Apps that are typically pre-installed on mobile devices. Digital Cards can contain the following information: Tier Status, Points Balance, Name, Logos and Pictures, QR Codes to identify Members in store. Loyalty cards stored in digital wallets can be updated in real-time. The customer gets full transparency without logging-in to a web site. Upgrades to the next Tier Level can change the appearance of the card (e.g. Silver Members get a silver card).

But there is one more thing:

Loyalty Offers/Coupons:

SAP Hybris Loyalty enables you to send Offers (e.g. a Coupon with a 5% discount for the next purchase) to members. You can send these 1:1 Offers on specific events like registration, shopping or tier upgrades. Members can store these Coupons to their Wallet app for a later usage.

You can even assign geo-fences and/or iBeacons to your Loyalty Offer to send notifications to members when they are in close proximity to an in-store-locations and/or Geo-Fence. With SAP Hybris Loyalty you can create geo-fences on a map and assign it to your Loyalty Offers. For in-store notifications you can manage and assign iBeacon devices (a device sending a bluetooth low energy signal).

Digital Wallets can really help to bring your loyalty program to the next level:

  • customers get more relevant contextual offers,
  • brand owners can even save money with digital Cards and Offers.

Excited? Visit and subscribe today!