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Survey helps the Sales reps to capture data points from the field which can further be used to derive business actions. Hence it is very essential not only to capture the correct data but also aid the user in correcting erroneous data.

Exceptions for answers in surveys helps in identifying invalid responses in real time and offer additional information based on predefined conditions. Exception helps in identifying potential user errors such as entering a product price that is too low or too high. This feature allows user to correct their entry before submitting the survey, and therefore creates more accurate data reporting overall.

Exceptions are available against each question of a checklist survey and against each product for a product based survey.


Exceptions in Matrix Survey


Exceptions in Checklist view Survey


Exceptions can be defined for a survey within the Exception tab. The exceptions can be defined for the following scenarios

Exceptions based on the answer provided for a question. The question should have a definite/defined answer options. Some examples are mentioned below

  • If the List price of the product is higher/lower than a certain value then propose an exceptions.

  • If the quantity of the product available on shelf is below/above a certain value then propose an exceptions

  • If the expiry date of the product available in the shelf is in the past

Exceptions based on a comparison between a question and a reference answer to another question. Some examples are mentioned below

  • The List price of the product on the shelf is higher than the MRP of the Product

  • The Promotional Price is higher than the List price of the product

You can view the definition of the exceptions for a survey in the Exceptions tab within the survey.

Each Exception defined can be given a description that would be available for the user while he is conducting the survey.


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