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Product and Topic Expert

Dear Community,


As mentioned in the previous blog we would now like to provide further insights in the integration scenarios between SAP Hybris Sales Cloud (C4C Sales) and SAP Business One (B1). First let’s have a look at the integration scenarios.



The first process is about the synchronization of product master between B1 and C4C. In B1 terminology products are called ‘items’. The scenario is unidirectional, which means B1 is still the leading system for items. Once an item is getting created or updated in B1, C4C receives a corresponding product master record (creation/update). Please see the scenario in the video.



Between both systems we also offer a bidirectional synchronization of business partners and contacts. Please see how a business partner and contact are created in B1 and how the replication to C4C works (same is possible from C4C to B1).



The transactional scenario is about the creation of a quote in C4C with real-time pricing details from SAP B1. Once a quote in C4C is approved (can be configured) by a sales manager and accepted by the customer (perhaps with signature on the mobile device), the quote can be transferred to B1 as a sales order. The quote in C4C gets this information populated by B1 as shown in a graphical document flow in the video.



Now let’s also look behind the scenes to understand how you can set-up and configure these integration scenarios. First of all please download the B1i integration package (zip file) from the SAP Business One Note ( and then upload it into your B1i integration framework. See video for more details.



In addition please also download the SAP Best-Practices for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Integration package from the SAP Service Marketplace: In the best-practice package you’ll find a comprehensive guide (../Library/Configuration/1C1_CFCALL_EN_XX.pdf) which describes step-by-step how to configure the integration between C4C and B1.


Now, let’s again turn towards SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. In your tenant please navigate to the Business Configuration workcenter and activate the SAP ERP Integration in the scoping (step 3). Be aware that we reuse standard SAP ERP services in C4C for the B1 integration. In the question section (step 4), please activate the business partner and product replication as well as the quote-to-order process and integration of external pricing in quotes. As a result, C4C will deploy the corresponding communication scenarios. Please find more details in the video.



Next in B1i please ensure that your SLD system properties are correct and the connection between B1 and C4C is working properly.



Now, it’s time to configure the integration scenarios in B1i. Therefore please follow the instructions in the video. Make sure that the semantic mapping (code list mapping) fits to your individual B1 system settings.



Finally, please configure the communication scenarios in your C4C tenant. Therefore please navigate to the administrator workcenter and define a communication system for B1 and the corresponding communication arrangements for all your communication scenarios. Please find further details in the video and – of course – in the How-To Guide of the RDS package.


We hope this helps you to facilitate the integration setup. Download the best practice package from SAP's Service Marketplace (available since March 7th 2016). 


- Thank you very much.