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Clean & accurate address information is very important for account identification and reporting . Non standardized address details can lead to inaccurate reporting of data and can also result in inconsistent process execution (For example Visit planning ) . Other key motivations for having a clean / accurate address detail are as follows

  • As a sales rep I would like the address which I enter during account and contact creation/edit to be validated /standardized and geo-coded.

  • Incorrect addresses commonly result in entry of new contacts/accounts as search results might not return already created records.

  • Standardized address information helps in better reporting and data representation. Additionally, standardized address is also expected to be geo coded so that account addresses are mapped accurately on map visualization.


With 1705 we will be delivering a standard feature to validate addresses using SAP DQM

  • SAP DQM(Data Quality Management), micro-services allows developers to embed data cleansing and enrichment services within any business process or application.

  • This service enables applications to provide address cleansing/validation, geocoding, and reverse geocoding capabilities.

  • The address validation service is offered by SAP DQM micro service hosted on SAP Cloud Platform ( SAP HCP) – This solution is licensed separately.

We now offer an out of box integration to consume SAP DQM micro-service .We will be delivering a new action on accounts create and detail view to validate / standardize / geo code addresses.

  • By clicking on action ‘Validate Address’ the system will parse through the entered address data and return the valid / standardized / geo-coded address.

  • In 1705 this feature is only available for accounts , we plan to implement it for contacts and individual customers in subsequent releases.



Users can also validate addresses already assigned to an account.


Further info on DQM & DQM microservice in general can be found on the following blogs:


Support for address cleansing and geocoding is limited to certain countries.

DQM Pricing & GTM:

Customer must buy SAP DQM, microservice separately from SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales  - customers need to get an SAP SCP ( SAP Cloud Platform ) account with SAP DQM service enabled. SAP DQM, microservice is sold standalone from SAP Cloud Platform (SCP),  But runs on SCP.

The street address validation along with geo coding is enabled by default for each SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer to SAP DQM micro service call. The following considerations apply as part of the address validation service:
Street address validation and geo coding are considered as two different transactions by DQM service. Street and post office box addresses within the same address validation transaction are counted separately.
For more details on this topic , please refer to the help center documentation .

We will share another blog post detailing out the configuration steps .