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SAP partners, ISVs and System Integrators who have successfully integrated a 3rd party telephony system to SAP Hybris C4C via the use of SAP C4C CTI adapter or other supported integration method, can apply for this certification. The certification process tests the mandatory and optional telephony functions and provides with a detailed test report, certificate, SAP Certified Logo and online listing, which is a central source of information about certified integrations.

Why Certify?

In short to win customer's confidence, to prove that the integration works as expected and most importantly be visible. Also SAP recommends the use of tested and certified integrations and add-ons. Please read more about SAP Certified integrations here:

Validity of the Certificate

The certificate will be valid for the tested version of the 3rd party solution and the version of the telephony server used in the integration. The Certificate will be valid for a period of 3 years which upon completion will be eligible for renewal. In the event of new functionalities supported in the new releases of C4C, SAP ICC will notify the partner for the follow up activities – e.g. testing newly implemented feature supported by C4C


The objective of the testing is to check if the telephony functions supported by C4C CTI adapter or the supported APIs are implemented to work correctly in the integration with the 3rd party telephony server.

Currently the testing can be done on ISV/Partner subscribed C4C tenant. It is recommended that the SAP PartnerEdge program be utilized for availing a C4C tenant subscription. SAP ICC will notify the SAP partner community if such test system is made available under Remote Access Connectivity offering in future.

Pre-requisites for Certification:

It is expected that the certification applicants have utilized the Computer Telephony Integration Guidelines available in : SAP Hybris C4C Admin Guide

and have completed the C4C CTI Configuration for Inbound & Outbound Calls. Both HTML5 and RUI implementation is certifiable. Vendors can demo both frontends if available.

Mandatory Test Cases:

 To validate if the integration works with either of these scenarios. This list will be updated frequently with new supported features and requirements. Please also refer this blog for latest supported features:

  1. Using CTI Adapter or

  2. Using embedded widgets

With either approach, to validate the following scenarios –

  1. Inbound Calls –

    1. Screen-pop – Confirm that CTI provide passes values to adapter and these values show in Live Activity call information. List of values is captured in CTI guide.

    2. Test can be done on both C4C HTML5 and RUI

  2. Outbound calls –

    1. Click to call from Ticket screen in C4C – the Agent should be able to click on phone number of customer and initiate call.  This should initiate call through CTI provider.

    2. Test can be done on HTML5 only.  Outbound calling in RUI is not yet support – this is planned for next release.

Optional Test Cases: 

The telephony functions which are supported by the telephony server ( such as all call handling functions ) and are successfully integrated with C4C can be demoed as the optional test cases. The list of such test cases can be discussed and approved with Integration and Certification center before the actual testing. The list of such test cases will vary based on the CTI provider as these are telephony server/CTI softphone provided functions. Also in the event of any issues with these optional test cases, the customer should reach out to the SAP partner for support.


List of Certified SAP Hybris C4C Computer Telephony Integrations:

All certified integrations are listed in SAP ICC Certified Solutions Directory. This will be the central source of information for SAP customers and internal stake-holders about the availability of such certified integrations for leading telephony solutions and SAP Hybris C4C.

How to Contact for Certifying your integration?

Please write to SAP Integration and Certification Center at


More information about the certification scenario can be found at the Cetification Scenario Webpage.






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