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As our boats drift closer to each other, we are in the process of integrating with SAP. As a part of this, the Product updates of Emarsys will soon be only published in this location. For now though, the content is duplicated and can still be found at Emarsys' What's new in the Emarsys Platform page.

Let's see what we have to offer this time:

  • Audience Reporting

This feature helps you better understand your target audiences by providing comparative metrics on custom groups of contacts (i.e. segments). Learn more.

  • Revenue attribution

You can review the impact of your push and in-app mobile campaigns on your revenue with the brand new Revenue attribution widget. Learn more.

  • Account Engagement - Sales Cloud v2 integration

Clients using SAP Sales Cloud v2 will benefit from our Account Engagement integration. Learn more.

  • Account Engagement - Improved SAP Sales Cloud Integration

The improved integration will allow you to synchronize any extensibility field you've created in SAP Sales Cloud for your business-specific use cases with their equivalent custom field in SAP Emarsys. Learn more.

  • Undoing or redoing changes in the Visual Content Editor

You can easily correct your email content with the Undo and Redo buttons in the Visual Content Editor. Learn more.

  • SAP Customer Data Cloud Integration

This real-time integration allows you to synchronize data from SAP Customer Data Cloud into SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement. You can also integrate a single SAP Customer Data Cloud user base with multiple SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement accounts. Learn more.

  • Web Extend Local storage-based tracking

You can enhance the tracking capabilities of Web Extend with local and storage-based tracking. Learn more.

  • Web Channel Session Filters

The refurbished and redesigned Web Channel Session Filters allow you to target your audience more precisely. Learn more.

  • SMS Partner Integration API

From now on, your SMS vendors and aggregators can integrate with Emarsys using the Emarsys SMS Partner API. Learn more.

  • Switching accounts

Are you using multiple accounts simultaneously? We have good news for you: you can now easily switch between your accounts. Learn more.

  • Digital Ads

The UI of the Digital Ads feature has been redesigned. Learn more.

  • ESL Knowledge Base

Are you interested in or already using the Emarsys Scripting Language (ESL)? Then the ESL Knowledge Base is the place you are looking for: it contains use cases and many useful pieces of information about ESL. Learn more.

  • Sunset of the Triggered Email Dashboard

We have said goodbye to our Triggered Email Dashboard, as it is no longer available after July 7. It has been replaced by the Triggered Email widget on the Emarsys Home page. Learn more.

Pilot features

  • SAP Customer Data Platform Integration

You can create and update contacts in Emarsys from within the SAP Customer Data Platform, through a one-way synchronization with this integration. Email and SMS opt-in data are synced bidirectionally. At the same time, email-specific activities such as open, click, bounce and complaints are instantly and automatically synced from SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement to SAP Customer Data Platform. Learn more.

  • Digital Ads - TikTok integration

From now on, you can also create Lead Ad Subscriptions and Audiences for TikTok. Learn more.


The release day is July 25. We are introducing the changes gradually, so you will be able to fully use all the new features in your account within a month.

About the Emarsys Release Strategy

Changelog of continuous delivery

We bundle new functionality into several major releases each year, but that doesn't stop us from delivery a steady flow of updates in between You can follow those updates on this page, or in the online help:

Influence Emarsys!

Do you have any feedback on our features, or some new functionality you'd like to request? Then help us make the platform better by contacting our teams in one of the following ways: