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Today the Emarsys API team has launched its new developer documentation hub.

The URL stays the same - - but the design and concept have been updated and refreshed.

Here are the main points:

  • All Emarsys API specifications are now in one portal (Platform, Loyalty v2 and v3 as well as SMS)

  • The look and feel of the portal is fresh and dynamic

  • We have greatly improved the request and response examples

  • The request samples can be viewed in a wide range of common languages

  • There are mock servers available for each specification to test their operation

  • Parameter descriptions are clearer and no longer concatenated

  • The articles describing the usage of the API have been optimized in length and content

  • Web Extend command reference documentation has been separated for more clarity

Here's a view of the new UI with the authentication samples:

You can also see request samples in different languages:

And you can use a mock server to check a static or dynamic response:

We hope you like the new site, please give us your feedback here if you have any, and of course stay across updates to our API by following this tag.