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Following the blog post “SAP C/4HANA Extensibility 101: SAP Cloud Platform, Kyma, Price and Support” it’s time to summarize where we are as of January 2020 with regard to extending SAP C/4HANA in a side-by-side manner via SAP Cloud Platform extensibility using the Open Source project Kyma. There are exiting things coming up throughout the year, but let’s look into the status quo.

Solutions you can extend using SAP Cloud Platform extensibility via Open Source Kyma

SAP Commerce Cloud

We started with supporting SAP Commerce Cloud in the public cloud to build cloud-native extensions using Kyma Open Source. This has matured over the cause of 2019 and customers are using it in production already. All you need is the version 1808+ and the “Extension Factory Integration Module“ to connect the two. A short video how to connect the two is available on the SAP Customer Experience Microlearning Video page.

Furthermore, here is a summary of the required steps.

SAP Cloud for Customer (i.e. SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud)

Since August 2019, it is possible to pair SAP Cloud for Customer with Kyma runtimes for building extensions. How to do it is shown in this short video. You can then configure SAP Cloud for Customer to trigger events for any Business Object and Node and then select at least one of the following status changes: Create, Update, or Delete. Take a look at the documentation.

If you like to see an example of what you can build, walk through the steps of 2019s SAP TechEd session CAA384 in where you build a ticket classification using image recognition.

SAP Field Service Management (i.e. SAP Service Cloud)

It’s as well possible to extend SAP Field Service Management since August 2019. Here as well, it’s only very few clicks to get started and we have a video and documentation that shows them:

You can find as well in the official documentation within SAP Help Portal how to extend SAP C/4HANA products.

Latest updates (as of May 2020)

Please refer to the following blogs for latest updates: