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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Your Product Team for SAP Customer Data Solutions are constantly working to add and improve product features based on feedback from our customers.  This blog highlights some of the exciting, recently released features.


New Features for SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC)

Unknown Location Notification

Once the end user logs in from an unknown location (which means the user hasn’t logged in from this location before), a warning message is sent to their email. The end user can verify the location or recover the account. Click here to read more information.


Force Link Accounts

SAP Customer Data Cloud plugins enable users who wish to register or log in with social identities to create accounts. These identities are managed and identified using login identifiers, which are, by default, the email addresses associated with an account's identity.

When two accounts have the same login identifier, SAP Customer Data Cloud assumes that the same user owns both accounts and enables linking the accounts into a single account associated with two identities rather than maintaining two separate accounts. For more information, see linking social accounts.


SMS Text Templates

SAP Customer Data Cloud allows you to define text templates for SMS messages sent out to users as part of their site journey to make your site compliant with the text messaging laws and regulations of different countries. Click here to read more information.


OpenID Connect OP Certification

OpenID Connect is a protocol for authenticating users, built on top of the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework. CDC can now act as an OpenID Connect Provider (OP), authenticating users using the OpenID Connect Information published on non-SAP site (OIDC) protocol, or as a relying party (RP) that requests user authorization from an OP. For more information about OIDC see OpenID Connect. *Note: We have supported OIDC for many years. Now, we are officially certified as mentioned in the OIDC web site:


Drupal connector installation made simpler

Installation of the Drupal G-Connector was simplified for your convenience. Now SAP Customer Data Cloud provides the encryption script, so you do not have to create your own encryption key (although you can still do this, if needed). For details, see Drupal G-Connector documentation.


Italian Public Digital Identitiy System (SPID)

We added support for the Italian Public Digital Identitiy System (SPID) as an identity provider with SAP Customer Data Cloud as the SAML service provider. For more information, see SAP Customer Data Cloud as SAML SP and SPID - Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale.



New Features for SAP Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Audience builder Enhancements.

Audiences are groups of customers that marketers can use in marketing campaigns. Marketers build audiences by applying conditions to profile attributes, segments, activities, and activity indicators.

Use case: You can build a complex condition for a very specific campaign such as:

Include VIP non-citizens with Total Orders more than 150, but not if their purchase sum is less than 1000 or total spend less than 100000" ("Appreciation Campaign for most valued customer"). 

Benefits: Faster and intuitive audience management.  See the Audiences documentation for more information.


New Audience Management Dashboard

The Audience Management Dashboard interface has changed. You can now see all your audiences in list form in the dashboard, as well as details about your audience. See The Audiences Dashboard for more information.


New Connectors

  • A new SAP Service Cloud connector is now available for use. For more information, see SAP Service Cloud.

  • A new Bombora connector is now available for use. For more information, see Bombora.

  • A new Google Analytics 4 connector is now available for use. For more information, see Google Analytics 4.

  • Dun & Bradstreet automatically improves the lead and account data powering your SAP CDP environment to make it cleaner, more complete, and actionable. For more information, see Dun & Bradstreet (D&B).

  • Data Axle enriches CDP Organization data with with valuable data that will help you generate new leads and partners. For more information, see Data Axle.


Thank you!

Your SAP Customer Data Solutions Product Team