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Product and Topic Expert

As digital consumers, we often have a need or desire to share an online account with other people.  Whether it is a family with children or a business with purchasers and approvers, being able to share a primary identity / profile with other members of a group is becoming increasingly necessary. Netflix give us a good model of enabling personalized experiences for individual members of a group, while having a single responsible party within the group.  Payment methods, subscription information, and administrative control lies with the primary member who is also able to share and control access for other members of the family or group.

In our family, we have a teen minor who recently opened his first bank account.  With the bank's mobile app, we were able to add him as an authorized user to our primary online profile, with access to only his newly created account.  As parents, we can keep an eye on everyone's financial transactions, but he can only see his own account.  Mobile banking is a great tool for parents to leverage when teaching young people about financial responsibility, and this would be much more difficult if we did not have a way to connect our accounts within a group structure.

With an increasing need to share digital resources online, companies are responding with clever ways to access and share digital identities among groups. Groups Management feature for SAP Customer Data Cloud is a recently released feature which allows you to define groups of multiple users within your customer data.  Groups can allow your customers to have:

  • Family Accounts

  • Company Accounts

  • Party Accounts

  • Etc.

Documentation Screenshot


Hopefully this article demonstrated the flexibility and benefit of the new  Groups Management feature for SAP Customer Data Cloud, and how it can be used as a tool and resource for both you and your end-users.

To learn more, reach out to your account team, services team or partner integrator.  And be sure to visit our documentation page for more information about how to implement Groups Management in SAP Customer Data Cloud.