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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hello Everyone,

In this blog post i share with you additional information regarding the different UI modes in SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 FP11 and answers the following questions
1) Why is the existing Retail UI marked as "OLD UI (Deprecated)"?
2) What is the difference between Quick Service and Retail Service? How will these two User Interface differ from each other in the future?

In SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 FP11, you can select from one of the following UI modes as shown in the screenshot below.

The "UI Mode: Retail" is marked as "Old UI - Deprecated" and instead a new UI mode Retail Service is introduced along with existing "Quick Service" and "Table Service".

Regarding "UI Mode: Retail" marked as "Old UI - Deprecated", i wrote a separate blog explaining the history and future plans with this UI mode. You can access the blog here.

Now lets talk about the other UI modes which have a similar technology stack and looks and feels the same.

  • Quick Service: In quick service mode, SAP Customer Checkout provides a Sales screen, which is quick and easy to use and is adapted to the requirements of catering, especially for kiosks and fast food.

  • Table Management: In table management mode, SAP Customer Checkout provides a sales and table management screen that is tailored to the catering area, particularly restaurants, bars, and cafés.

  • Retail Service: In retail mode, SAP Customer Checkout provides a sales screen that is adapted to the requirements in retail and merchandising.

As of now(SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 FP11) there is little or no difference between the 2 modes "Retail Service" and "Quick Service".

First, its a clear hint to our customer and partners that we expect them to start using the new Retail Service instead of the old Retail UI. Making a plan and doing Migration for existing customers and also using only Retail Service for new customers instead of the Retail (Old UI - Deprecated) should be the default way forward.

Second, that there is no real difference between Retail Service and Quick Service is just the beginning. 70% of the screen including Quick Selection Area, Quick Functions Area, and Payment area is fully configurable. Based on customer needs articles, functions, components can be placed there tailored in different sizes and look(Text, Image etc). Real visible difference between Quick Service and Retail Service was not achieved in FP11. However I am confident that starting with Feature Pack 13 visible differences will start to appear.

Our plan is (no commitment as commitments for future topics are not allowed) is to start providing a different User Interface Layout for Quick Service and Retail Service modes. Though as of now there is no concreate decision what these changes are but i can give u some hints on some of our discussions for Retail Service UI.
1. Displaying the Article ID, Unit Amount, Gross Amount in the sales Grid for Retail Service Mode.
Finally make the columns that you see there selectable. A bit like our Dialog setting for Article and Customer search. However most probably not re-using that but by providing a new way to select the columns and their width.
2. Reducing the area for quick selection and removing the "Quick Functions" area for Retail Service mode.
3. In the reduced quick selection area providing a sub-list of functions which are widely used in retail or which was possible from OLD Retail UI without additional configuration. Like Park, Resume, Tax Rate Change, Sales Person Selection, Warehouse Selection, Click-Collect Scenario like Paying Invoice, Fetching Sales Order etc.

Your feedback as comments in the blog or more concrete as Improvement proposal in SAP Customer Influence is most welcome.

Probably you noticed the new functions that we delivered in Feature Pack 11. "Open Links" ,"Special Sales Item", "Improvements in Discount functions for header and item discount".  These are all functions typically used in the Retail Service and its in the direction to make the Retail Service  powerful and provide a superior user experience.

Feel free to comment and give feedback about the blog.

About me: 
My name is Bikash Bansal. I work for SAP SE, Germany. My current role is of Product Owner for SAP Customer Checkout.
You can find more blogs from me about SAP Customer Checkout here .
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