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very often we get questions from partners and customers if SAP Customer Checkout is also available as a cloud-offering from SAP or other partners. So, I am writing this short blog to share more information on this topic.

First, we have to distinguish between two software components which are part of the SAP Customer Checkout product.

  • SAP Customer Checkout: the point-of-sale solution which is used by cashiers running locally in a store, shop, or restaurant.

  • SAP Customer Checkout manager: the central component for SAP Customer Checkout PoS which enables you to manage master data, and other central functions like gift cards, loyalty, software distribution, integration and others.

SAP Customer Checkout PoS is an on-premise solution, and not offered as cloud product. This enables the solution to work with different hardware devices, such as printers, payment terminals, drawers, and additionally ensures that the POS system works even if the network connection is interrupted.

SAP Customer Checkout manager is a web application which can be hosted on premise and also on the cloud. From SAP in the standard, it is available as an on-premise offering. SAP as of now does not offer SAP Customer Checkout manager on the SAP Cloud Control Center for example. However, there are several partners who offer cloud hosting models for SAP Customer Checkout manager. As each customer scenario is individual, you must verify and check all details upfront to find the right technology and partner fitting to your business, size and needs.

Please find below a list of offerings for SAP Customer Checkout manager Cloud hosted by Partner:

  • Cloudiax: Discover the unique functionalities of SAP Customer Checkout in the Cloud hosted by Cloudiax.


If you are a partner and wants your hosting possibilities also to be noted down here, kindly contact us.

Thank you!

Elena Vavitsa