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Hello Everyone,

This blog post informs you about integration of SAP Customer Checkout and SAP BusinessOne. It talks and points to the various resources that exists to help you understand and master the topic.

SAP Customer Checkout has out of the box integration to SAP BusinessOne. SAP Customer Checkout uses the B1if(SAP BusinessOne Integration Framework) for the integration.

During installation of B1if you can activate the scenarios needed for the integration. This activates the b1if scenarios and creates the necessary tables for Monitor. However this step of activation of scenarios and table creation can also be done later if you have an already installed B1if. We will talk and point to the resources for this topics later in this blog.

In the below blog i explain you the different components for SAP Customer Checkout and how the integration to SAP BusinessOne looks like.
SAP Customer Checkout - Architecture/Landscape with SAP BusinessOne

In this youtube video from our channel, you can see that in 30 minutes i installed SAP Customer Checkout, SAP Customer Checkout manager and integrated it to SAP BusinessOne demo database with all basic scenarios up and running. Ofcourse in a real customer environment it will take more time than 30 minutes.
Install and Integrate SAP Customer Checkout with SAP BusinessOne in 30 minutes - Youtube Video


Now that you know the basics, in this detailed blog you can see a list of all supported scenarios.
Interaction between SAP Customer Checkout and SAP BusinessOne

To help you understand this scenarios, this youtube video is helpful. Not all scenarios are covered but should still give you a good understanding.
Notice that this recording is from an old version, today in April 2021 we have many more features. Also this recording was done using old Retail UI which is marked as deprecated. We have a new UI where we support all these features (What is old and new UI - read this blog
SAP Customer Checkout Retail Service Youtube Video

Ok, now its getting serious. You want to know the details about handling Price, Discount, Special Price, Period Volume Discount together with BusinessOne. Since this is a complex topic and for some only price is interesting, for some discounts, for some a mixture will exists, and for some multiple of these will exists. So i wrote several blogs which explains the whole topic is a very detailed way focusing on screenshot to convey the message, building one on top of another, so that you can  focus on the topic based your customer requirements.

Topic Blog Link          Basic Explanation (Details in blogs)
Basic for Pricing (Gross Prices or Net Prices)  LINK I want to have the same price like in SAP BusinessOne(meaning GrossPriceList) or If your pricelist in SAP BusinessOne is net price list.
Multiple Pricelist and Customer Specific Pricelist  coming soon You have multiple pricelist.. customer specific price list that you want to apply in checkout or cashier should be able to change which price list is taken.
Discount, Period Volume Discount and Customer Special Price.  coming soon You want to understand how these are applied in checkout. SAP Customer Checkout and SAP BusinessOne are two different calculations engines and different ways how discounts are interpreted.
When discounts, period volume discount and customer special price - All exists  coming soon What happens when there is a special price for customers but also discounts and Period Volume discount or other combinations
When multiple discounts matches(Article, Article Group, Customer Group)  coming soon What happens when there is discount for article, article group, customer, customer group - Are all applied?


To get yourself started hands-on, i would suggest to look at these resources in SAP PartnerEdge, they help you to verify the basis and perform a detailed configuration that will be required in customer projects.

SAP Customer Checkout integrates with SAP BusinessOne using B1if and integrations Scenarios for B1if. Here in this note you can find the latest version of the scenarios. Basically publishing the scenarios here allows us to provide bugfixes for these scenarios irrespective of SAP BusinessOne Patch cycle and also you can use the latest innovations for any version of SAP BusinessOne.
B1if Scenarios for SAP Customer Checkout

Yes, SAP Customer Checkout can be used together with SAP BusinessOne Multi-branch. In this blog you find all information about this topic.
SAP Customer Checkout and SAP BusinessOne Multi-branch

There are always special scenarios.. For the out of the box integration to work, we expect that in article in SAP BusinessOne the tax codes are maintained. However for some country localizations this is not the case. They can still synchronize articles into SAP Customer Checkout with small adaptations which are explained in detailed below. Many partners/customers are doing that.
Article synchronization for special cases (When TaxCode is not maintained at an Article level)

If you need to extend B1if Scenarios for SAP Customer Checkout integration - this is possible.
Here in our PartnerEdge page you find more information regarding that.

How to release more than 10 receipts from Monitor

This is all that i wanted to share with you.

In this blog, you have learnt about SAP Customer Checkout and SAP BusinessOne integration and points to various blogs, documentation, videos which helps you to get a very detailed understanding about this topic.

Hope you enjoyed the blog. Best of luck with your SAP Customer Checkout journey.

Feel free to comment and give feedback about the blog.

About me: 
My name is Bikash Bansal. I work for SAP SE, Germany. My current role is of Product Owner for SAP Customer Checkout.
You can find more blogs from me about SAP Customer Checkout here .