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We’re pleased to announce that SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 Feature Pack 13 has been released on 30th March, 2022. 

This new Feature Pack 13 has a lot of enhancements on existing functionalities and new features in SAP Customer Checkout and SAP Customer Checkout manager are included.  

The following enhancements are the main highlights of the new feature pack: 

  • Update Changes to 2.0 FP13: This change is related to SAP Customer Checkout PoS only. SAP Customer Checkout manager is not affected.
    With version 2.0 Feature Pack 13, all Open source libraries used in SAP Customer Checkout PoS are stored in a separate directory. If you use SAP Customer Checkout.exe file for update this is automatically taken care of. If you were unzipping the SAP Customer Checkout.exe then you need to include ..\cco\envLib  also for the update process. To ensure a smooth update and directory structure, please read the documentation on SAP Help carefully before you update the system. 

  • New log entries in a separate log file for critical alert and monitoring, and security related events 

  • New possibility to clean-up background jobs executions  

  • Improved usability when searching for articles in SAP Customer Checkout manager 

  • Enhancements in Retail Service, Quick Service, and Table Service. 

    • Cash controls now also support in new UI. 

    • Optimized improvements for article search and with keyboard icon in new UI 

    • Customer count in Table Service now displayed in function overview, Table Overview Customer, and reporting 

    • Quick selection button to print serve course in kitchen for Table Service 

    • Send note information to printers 

    • Possibility to add pager in Quick Service 

    • Improved usability informing users when tables are open during day-end closing process 

    • Print orders in non-table mode 

    • Copy of actions is now supported. 

  • Enhancements in Mobile Order 

    • New Mobile Order Pickup button at POS 

    • In-seat delivery for mobile orders  

    • Onboarding steps on how to use Mobile Order 

    • Return Mobile Orders by Pickup ID at POS 

    • Support of JWT token authentication in Mobile Order 

    • Pickup Mobile Orders from different locations when articles fit 

    • Remote printing for delivery orders at POS 

    • New configuration settings for Mobile Order in SAP Customer Checkout and SAP Customer Checkout manager 

    • Optimized sales reports to distinguish between Mobile Order and stationary revenue 

    • Flexibility to define delivery mode for each location  

  • Extension of Table Order  

    • New Mobile Payment app enabling customers to pay via mobile devices 

    • Possibility to-copy existing assortments 

  • Loyalty Program and Coupon Management 

    • Possibility to assign coupons to single POS systems and POS groups 

    • New configuration settings for loyalty records for immediate evaluation 

    • New point assignment operation to reset loyalty points to 0 

    • Precalculated mode of loyalty records (Evaluated status)  

    • Define the point threshold for loyalty payments 

    • Adaption of data protection and privacy-related features for loyalty programs 

    • Enhancements in loyalty records for external points 

  • Gift cards 

    • Possibility to generate gift card as Apple Wallet card 

    • Download digital gift card via external URL 

    • Possibility to enter an ID prefix for gift card creation and generation 

A detailed presentation of all new features and functions in SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 Feature Pack 13 is available on our SAP Help page. 

Thank you!

Best regards,

Elena Vavitsa

Marketing Lead for SAP Customer Checkout
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