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SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 Feature Pack 10 has been released on October 01, 2020.

The new Feature Pack 10 provides enhancements to existing functionalities and new features in SAP Customer Checkout and the SAP Customer Checkout manager.

The following enhancements are the main highlights of the new feature pack:

  • SAPMachine 11 or Java Virtual Machine 11 Supported ONLY

    • From version SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 FP10, only SAP Machine 11, or Java Virtual Machine 11 is supported. Hence before update read our update guides and do not forget to verify if all your PoS hardware already supports Java 11.

  • Retail UI marked as Old UI “Deprecated soon”. And Quick Service is extended as Quick/Retail Service

  • Loyalty and Coupon Management

    • New apps for coupon reports and loyalty accounts

    • Download functionality for coupons

    • Support for multiple account types for Loyalty Users

    • Local point calculation is moved into Remote Point Calculation also for payments with Loyalty Points.

  • Handling of tax rate/ tax code changes

    • Optimized functionalities for tax rate and tax code changes

    • New configuration: Apply always reduced tax rate

    • New job in SAP Customer Checkout manager: “Article: Change tax rate”

    • New job: in SAP Customer Checkout manager: “Article: Change price”

    • Return handling: Automatic identification of original tax rate

  • SAP Customer Checkout manager ERP Integration

    • New sub-apps to configure communication systems and communication arrangements

    • Possibility to maintain outbound services for WPUBON and WPUFIB

  • Central Quick Selection Functions – Extension in Quick Service and Table Service

    • Fetching business documents from SAP Business One (i.e. sales order, sales quotations, and more)

    • Pop-up dialog to enter sales person and customer count

    • Add parameters to function “Pay exact amount”

    • Search for day-end and period-end closing in Quick Service and Table Service

    • Ability to enter Delivery Quantity for Reserve Invoice

  • Gift Card Management (Vouchers is renamed as Gift Cards)

    • Unique ID generation of gift card instead of sequential number based on number range

    • Optimized gift card management with new gift card management section in SAP Customer Checkout manager

    • New app of gift card generation for central mass creation of gift cards

    • New app for gift card reports to have more transparency of redeemed gift cards and gift card transactions

  • Table Management

    • Offline capability and improved usability of SAP Customer Checkout in Table Service

    • Optimized user interface of SAP Customer Checkout when running on mobile devices

    • SAP Default quick selection for mobile devices with preconfigured functions

    • New app for table areas to manage different table areas within your business, i.e. inside and outside area in your restaurant

    • Improved behavior and user information when cancelling receipts in Table Service

  • Digital receipt

    • Possibility to provide digital receipt from POS system, and in SAP Customer Checkout manager

    • Show QR-code and receipt ID on line-display of the POS system which is scannable from mobile devices, e.g. smartphones

  • New job to assign warehouses to articles

  • New sales reports to track order volume for Table Service, and to check card payments per receipt

  • Possibility to copy stock transactions in SAP Customer Checkout manager

  • New app for customers groups to maintain customers groups in manager

  • Stock overview also supported with a newer layout which is helpful for generic articles.

  • Job scheduling randomness in SAP Customer Checkout so that in high volume cases not all synchronization jobs start at the same time.

  • Temporary functionality of “Deactivate License Check” is removed and partners/customers are now required to get a license file.

  • Possibility to download license file from SAP Customer Checkout manager for technical support purposes and making information providing easier.

A detailed presentation of all new features and functions in SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 Feature Pack 10 will be available soon on our PartnerEdge page (Access to PartnerEdge needed).

Thank you!

Best regards,

Elena Vavitsa

Marketing Lead for SAP Customer Checkout