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Dear Customers, Partners, and Followers,

we are happy to share with you that our new version SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 Feature Pack 09 has been released.

You will find the latest software version in SAP Service Marketplace, and can download it to find all new features and functions.

And here, just a small taste of the highlights:

  • German Certification 2020 (Kassensicherungsverordnung 2020)

    • Integration of TSE from Diebold Nixdorf into SAP Customer Checkout

    • Data export in SAP Customer Checkout and SAP Customer Checkout manager according to DSFinV-K

  • SAP Event Ticketing Integration

    • Out of the box integration to SAP Event Ticketing system to support One common basket i.e Add tickets and merchandise articles to receipt

  • Central Quick Selection Functions – Extension of Quick Service and Table Service

    • Ability to configure quick functions and payment area

    • Stock Overview from SAP Business One

    • Customer count when creating a new table

    • New tile “Tables” in SAP Customer Checkout manager to view all table details

    • And many more

  • Optimized Quick Selection Management

    • Export and import quick selection configuration

    • SAP Default quick selection with all functions

    • Functions have parameters for easy usage and flexibility

    • Intuitive user interface

  • Basic Stock Management 

    • New tile Stock Transactions to manage goods received, goods issued and stock correction

    • New tile Locations to manage locations centrally

    • Assign locations to articles

    • Stock Transactions reports

  • Multi Tenancy for SAP Customer Checkout manager – to avoid installing a new SAP Customer Checkout manager for each instance

  • Mobile payment with Bluecode in SAP Customer Checkout

  • New Monitoring report: Receipt gap identifier – helps to find out if some receipts are missing in the system.

  • New Job Schedules for receipt reposting, article label for printing download, and blocking and deletion of personal data

  • Cashing-Up Screen in new user interface

  • Migration of vouchers

  • Modern and attractive launchpad of SAP Customer Checkout manager for an improved user experience

  • Adjustments for French Certification

  • Optimized Central Drawer Management to improve handling and performance

A detailed presentation of all new features and functions in SAP Customer Checkout 2.0 Feature Pack 09 is available on our PartnerEdge page (S-user needed).

Thank you!

Best regards,

Elena Vavitsa
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