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"Cloud native. Blockchain. 5G. 8K. Robotic process automation. Generation Z. Gigonomics. Move the needle? Open the kimono? Goat milk soap?" If like me, you were alive in the 1970's, you might look around at today's technology-business trends and wonder, "What ever happened to SCSI drives and floppy disks?"

In today's world, C++ and ABAP have been replaced by Angular and React. Everything is cloud-native and smart-phone enabled. There are however, believe it or not, companies (and entire industries) who still prefer to keep their mission-critical enterprise software applications and sensitive customer data safe, secure, and on-premise. Unlike competitor cloud solutions that routinely go down for entire days at a time and even result in lost customer data, SAP CRM on-prem is always up and running and ready to do your bidding.

One could argue that continuing to enhance an on-prem solution is akin to USB-enabling an old typewriter. But I prefer to think of CRM on-prem more like the pager. Yes, remember the pager? Pagers are actually still used today by doctors, firefighters,and EMTs due to the fact that pagers use a different technology (stronger and more reliable) than cell phones and still work during network outages. Also, pagers don't store data and hence are not subject to data breaches or HIPAA violations. Just like pagers, on-prem applications still have their place in enterprise software as they provide unrivaled security, reliability, and performance!

While SAP is pusing aggressively into the Cloud with it's C/4HANA suite of fourth-generation Customer Experience (CX) software, at the same time, SAP continues to support it's CRM 7.0 customers who have heavily invested in their existing on-premise footprint. For the ninth straight year in a row, SAP CRM has participated in the SAP Customer Connection program, which allows customers to nominate -- and vote on -- suggestions for improving SAP CRM on-prem.

This year as part of the CRM2019 program which had an open submission period from October 2018 through December 2018 and a delivery phase that is currently ongoing through the of 2019, SAP has committed to deliver dozens of customer-requested enhancements, some of which are already completed and available via SAP Notes:

  • Various usability enhancements for SAP Contact Center (formerly SAP BCM) such as updated user interface, support for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger integration, and more!

  • Improved charts and graphs for CRM Analytics, including additional chart and graph types and optional replacement of Adobe-Flex based charts and graphs with SAPUI5 (HTML5). See SAP Note 2475426.

  • New "Copy URL" button in CRM WebClient that generates sharable link to current CRM business transaction. See SAP Note 2450681.

  • Improved support for handling attachments in the CRM Interaction Center. See SAP Notes 2750788 and 2762660.

  • Usage report for ERMS standard responses (in progress).

  • Improvement of interactive scripts in Interaction Center; replacement of legacy Java applet (in progress).

  • Improvement of CRM Segment Builder; replacement of Adobe Flex / Flash with SAPUI5 (planned).

  • Side panel for CRM Interaction Center that allow users to work with two different business objects at the same time (planned).

  • Improvements for CRM Desktop Connection groupware (pending).

  • Type-ahead functionality for SAP Enterprise Search (under review).

  • And dozens more!

Click here to learn more about the CRM2019 Customer Connection program. And click here to access a PowerPoint slide and deck and video recording that will step you through all of the selected enhancements for CRM 2019!