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Dear friends,

Thanks a lot for being intersted in SAP CRM social media integration solution, now our latest release EHP03 SP04 is released to market, you can download and try it out in case you are intersted.

Now let me give you a brief introduction about the main feature we delivered in this release.

  1. Support inbound attachment.

        Beside the post text conent, now we support to also retrieve the attachments in post, e.g. pictures and documents, etc. Then in the post overview page,

        CRM agent can see thses attachments and open it to see the details.


        All the attachments are stored in SAP content management server, so all the functions which standard CM supported like virus scan is also supported for         social media.


        In order to support the attachment function, customer needs to update theri channel adapter class to latest version which can be downloaded from consulting note.

  2.  Include conversation history block also in post reply page.

       Now, we add the conversation history AB to post reply page as well, so that agent can check the conversation context easily during reply.

3. Enhance the application log for social data retrieving.

    As now, the social media data is retrieved by the backgroud job, so if there are some error occured, e.g. client certificate is expired, API changes by the social media channel, it is difficult for the IT guy to do the trouble shooting.

In order to make the trouble shooting process easier, we enhance our error logging logic to log the very detailed steps during whole data retrieving.

Then customer's IT guy can go to transaction 'SLG1', and check the log object 'CRM_SOC' and sub-object 'SOC_MANAGER' to get more details.

4. Support Before-Save BAdI for social media post.

From SP04, we now create an new BAdI "Before-Save" for social media post.

It can be used in senarios like below.

(1) The social media channel you are connecting can also give you the main category and sentiment of the post to you, you don't want the text analysis engine to calculate them again. You can use this BAdI to fill these two fields from additional attributes table.

(2) If you have some rules which can be used to filter out some junk social post (e.g. define black-list for some social media users), you can check logic in this BAdI impl and remove the post entries from changing parameter. Then this post will not be saved into CRM system.

That's all the main functions we provides in SP04.

Welcome your questions and suggestions! ^-^