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Product and Topic Expert
And that’s nothing new. We have always been interested in hearing from our customers what you like about our solution but also what areas might need improvement. There are already several feedback options at SAP (such as this SAP Community page). However, we decided to make giving feedback even easier, direct and immediate for every customer.

SAP Commerce Cloud is introducing feedback capabilities powered by Qualtrics into its SAP Commerce Cloud Portal. The SAP Commerce Cloud Portal is typically used by technical users, developers or system integration partners for setting up environments, creating builds, and deploying latest commerce functionality into your SAP Commerce Cloud subscription.

With our 2006 release, you will find a new icon in the header of the SAP Commerce Cloud Portal. Clicking on that will open a survey with three questions and an open comment box. Your user feedback will be completely anonymous. We will not collect any personal identifiable information from you. The only data we collect is the company ID of the subscription you give feedback from, the time and date when you give feedback, and the functional area you are in while giving feedback. This helps us to connect your feedback with the according functional area.

SAP Commerce Cloud in-product Feedback Button


What happens with the feedback after you submitted?

All feedback will be grouped, analyzed, and actioned by product managers and developers. We are planning to communicate the topics we prioritized via our product documentation and roadmap on


How can you contribute to make this most efficient?

There are a few topics to consider when giving feedback. You will help us tremendously managing the inbound flow of feedback from all customers if you take these into consideration.

  1. Give feedback!!!
    Use this new channel to our product organization. We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please be open, honest and as precise as possible. What is working well? What is not working well? What did you miss? Is there something that could be simplified?

  2. No PII data, please.
    Do not put your name, email address or other personal identifiable information into the free text form. If you do, we will have to delete your input for data privacy reasons.

  3. This is NOT a support channel.
    Please do not use the feedback functionality for support requests. Your SAP support channel is available for opening support tickets which will then be channeled to the right expert so that they can get directly back to you on your specific request. As mentioned above, this new feedback functionality is anonymous. We do not know who gave the feedback and therefore cannot come back to you directly.


What’s next?

Please bear with us. This is a new process for our SAP Commerce Cloud product & engineering teams. Our plan is to learn what kind of feedback reaches us, analyze how frequently the feedback functionality is used, how often we can close the loop to implement prioritized changes and if there are other areas such as enablement or training that need improvement. After this first phase of learning, we may consider extending the feedback functionality into other parts of SAP Commerce Cloud Backoffice.


This leaves us with a big THANK YOU for your interest in this short blog. We are looking forward to hearing from you!