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If you are an SAP Commerce Cloud user and would like to learn more about Cloud Portal, its architecture and end-to-end mechanisms, our live sessions are a perfect asset for you.

SAP Commerce Cloud System Administrator Live Sessions

In a series of four sessions with a duration of two hours each, you'll learn about the functional scope of SAP Commerce:

  1. Introduction to SAP Commerce: including platform and extensibility, B2C and B2B Accelerator, Backoffice Product Cockpit, Web Content Management, Backoffice perspectives, HaC, Industry Accelerators, Spartacus, and key enablement resources.

  2. Architecture and tecnology including modules, extensions and addons, technology stack, installer and recipes, production architecture, clustering, and releases.

  3. Cloud Infrastructure and Cloud Portal: Key benefits, architecture, portal overview, automation engine, environments, build and deploy process, logging, and monitoring.

  4. Portal "how-tos": how to build and deploy your first commerce application; how to manage SSL certificates; how to manage static file sets; how to maintain pages; and how to manage endpoints.

  5. Logging and monitoring: using Kibana and Dynatrace

  6. Development: Build process; deployment structure; repository structure; manifest; and code deployment structure.

  7. Integration tools: including OCC, integration APIs, SAP Commerce Cloud Outbound Sync, SAP Cloud Platform Integration (SCPI), Cloud Hot Folders, and SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory.

  8. Data management: Data retention and cleanup rules, database housekeeping, disaster recovery, snapshots, and migration.

  9. Additional Resources

All four sessions include live demos!

If you are interested in participating, click here to register (Learning Hub subscription required).

We are looking forward to seeing you in our live sessions!