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SAP Commerce Cloud 1808 includes key enhancements to deliver contextual and real-time personalization that drives conversion, raises order value and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. Further enhancements in this release give more control and flexibility to business users with SmartEdit for Experience management, Adaptive Search, and Promotion management. The Integration APIs and SAP Cloud Platform Integration introduce a new and simplified way to integrate backend applications with SAP Commerce Cloud

  • Context-Driven Services integration provides real-time  personalization for SAP Commerce Cloud by capturing and analyzing contextual and behavioral data across each customer’s commerce journey.

  • SmartEdit for SAP Experience Management adds content versioning capability that gives more power to the content managers to track changes made to pages and roll back to previous versions.

  • The new Commerce APIs for consent management, billing, and shipping improve the ability to decouple Commerce storefronts from the platform and improve user experience.

  • Introducing the new Integration Strategy based on public APIs (using Integration APIs) that leverages SAP Cloud Platform Integration for master data synchronization and process integration. SAP Commerce Cloud also offers pre-built integration packages for SAP S/4HANA and SAP ERP with SAP Cloud Platform Integration.

All SAP Commerce cloud and SAP Commerce documentation can be found here: 

Click here for the SAP Commerce Cloud 1808 release notes.
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