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Dear Community,


In order to ensure a successful SAP Commerce Cloud implementation, SAP provides several tools and tips to make the implementation more efficient. Within this blog you will find not only tools and tips available, but also the right moment to use them:

  1. If you experience a configuration problem, or simply don’t know how to approach a complex problem, post it on the SAP Customer Experience Community or look through CXWorks. It contains project best practices for SAP Customer Experience with Expert Recommendations, Project Frameworks and Strategic Guidance.

  2. If your issue is a product gap, not a product bug, your customer should raise an enhancement request on the Influence and Adopt Portal

  3. To report an incident / bug /error, access launchpad, software downloads etc. use SAP Support Portal and get help from Product Support 24/7  Customer Interaction Center (CIC) . Refer

  4. Need help from SAP Experts order Coaching and Mentoring packages through Partner Benefit Catalog

  5. If you want to order partner licenses, you can do so by following Test & Demo Licenses . If you need demo support, review the available options in the Demo Support (Log in needed)

  6. For online access to available training and exams refer to the CX Training & Certification. Stay Current becomes mandatory in May 2022 for SAP Customer Experience Solutions, learn more at What is Stay Current?

  7. To increase your knowledge, you can

  8. If your customer has questions about cloud performance, security, privacy, compliance and agreements, please refer to the SAP Trust Centre

  9. For Solution Release information and product documentation, installation and upgrade guides go to SAP Help.

  10. Consider the use of SAP Customer Experience Road Maps tool to have visibility of the future product portfolio and the Intelligent Enterprise.

  11. Customers and partners can search and raise their doubts in SAP Commerce Q&A community

  12. Learn more about the SAP Commerce Cloud in our Community.

  13. To stay informed with latest information by Managing your Customer Experience Newsletter subscriptions

  14. For all other topics, visit the Partner Portal

  15. Manage your partnership, view your projects and certifications and execute partner business processes SAP for Me

  16. SAP Universal ID unifies account across SAP sites that puts YOU in control by linking all your existing company associations (S/P-user IDs) and switching between them as needed.

With this blog we expect to give you visibility of all SAP Commerce Cloud resources available to make your implementation a success!

Thanks & Enjoy it!