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On behalf of the SAP Customer Experience Enablement Content team, I am pleased to announce the official release of the new SAP Commerce Cloud Developer courses and associated certification based on version 1905:

Target Audience 

  • Developers

  • Technical Consultants

  • Software Architects


Course Description

The course illustrates some of the basic functionalities and main concepts of SAP Commerce Cloud and helps participants understand which features are out-of-the-box and which have to be implemented.

Participants will view software demonstrations and will learn to install, configure, and apply basic customizations. For each major topic presented in the course, participants will complete an exercise that covers one or more features discussed in the theory portion. This training is based on the B2C Accelerator. Building on new features to the already existing storefront is the main theme through the entire training, although participants also learn how to generate their own custom storefronts. This training does not address project-specific problems, but it shows how to tackle many common developer tasks.

Course Highlights

This course will prepare you to:

  • Understand the fundamental technical aspects of SAP Commerce Cloud (on-premise and cloud version),

  • Understand how to code within SAP Commerce Cloud platform

  • Provide configuration for the SAP Commerce Cloud platform back-end

  • Know how to build and deploy your solution to the Cloud

  • Know where to get additional information, best practices, and documentation for SAP Commerce Cloud


Visit the training shop to read the full description of both the course and certification and book your training.


Additional Updates – Enablement Videos

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