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Product and Topic Expert
SAP Commerce Cloud has completed the first review of Improvement Requests since opening the SAP Continuous Influence sessions in Q4, 2022. To date, we have received 76 Improvement Requests and 433 votes across all session. We highly appreciate the active participation from customers and partners who contribute. Your requests, detailed description of use cases, and votes gives us an unique opportunity to connect with you at scale and use your input to prioritise and scope deliverables.

Since the activity in this channel is still building up, and no Improvement Requests have reached the threshold of 25 votes yet, we have evaluated the top voted requests and also some requests with lower votes that we frequently hear through other feedback channels, such as Customer Technology Advisory Boards (CTABs), customer user groups, customer co-innovation, partner feedback and interactions with colleagues in the field, to mention just a few.

Below is a list of the 4 Continuous Influence Sessions for SAP Commerce Cloud with links to the results blog providing a list of requests based on the following status updates:

  • have been delivered or are already offered

  • have been moved forward in the product planning process (accepted / planned long-term)

  • have not (yet) made it into product planning, since further evaluation may be required (for long-term consideration)

  • were not accepted for planning (not planned)

Session Name & Link Description Results Blog
SAP Commerce Cloud Automation For technical users operating SAP Commerce Cloud instances
SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Experience For technical users customising SAP Commerce Cloud
SAP Commerce Cloud Pre-built Integrations For technical users integrating SAP Commerce Cloud with other SAP solutions
SAP Commerce Cloud Business Features For business (and technical) users with requests related to business capabilities of SAP Commerce Cloud

Please see this blog post if you have not yet registered for and accessed the SAP Commerce Cloud Influence Sessions and would like to learn more.

We look forward to hearing more from and from more of you in the future!