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Welcome to the blog series on SAP Cloud for Customer integration with SAP ERP and SAP CRM.  This blog series walks through the integration guides, highlighting key considerations and providing tips and links to ensure you have all the information you need for integration.     

This blog is meant to help spread-the-word on the e-learning content now available on Partner Edge. 

If you are a SAP Cloud for Customer implementation partner and you will be integrating SAP Cloud for Customer with SAP ERP or SAP CRM, then you may want to leverage e-learnings on PartnerEdge (in addition to this blog series).

If you login to PartnerEdge and navigate to Education → Cloud  → Cloud Integration you will find both introductory and advanced information on SAP Cloud for Customer integration.  Most of the modules include assessments so you can check your learning.   This e-learning is very detailed, walking through the integration guides, the API’s, introduces the SDK, and describes reverse proxy setup using SAP Web Dispatcher. 

Be sure to use the level 2 advanced learnings to dig into the details.

We hope this blog series and all the related collateral, including these e-learnings and assessments, will get you started with SAP Cloud for Customer integration!

For those readers who are customers, we also have many integration e-learnings available on the SAP Cloud For Customer YouTube Channel.  Each blog in this series will highlight at least one of the e-learnings.  If you are implementing SAP Cloud for Customer, the e-learnings can be used to help you do the integration configuration required in SAP Cloud for Customer, in the middleware (NW PI or HCI), and in your on-premise application.