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Following are the highlights of some of the key Feature enhancements that are coming up with 1608 release of SAP Cloud Applications Studio.

1. OnDelete Event:

SAP Cloud Applications Studio supports a set of determination events like AfterModify, BeforeSave and AfterLoading to implement custom logic.

In 1608 release, a new determination event onDelete is added which would capture the delete operation on any specific node (Root/Subnodes). This event shall be triggered on save after the deletion of a node instance. This feature is applicable for both the extension and custom BOs.

Business Background: There has been requests from partners & customers for supporting the OnDelete event which would allow to implement certain custom logic in the OnDelete event.

The typical usecase being, when an extension BO is created, let’s say there are some custom logic implemented to create an associated custom BOs or vice versa. Now during the deletion of such created objects, the Studio should also allow the developers to write logic to delete/clean up the created associated objects.This was not possible without the OnDelete event. Now with 1608 release, custom logic can be implemented in the OnDelete event to do any relevant delete/check/cleanup on the associated objects.

Note: Not all Standard extension BOs shall support the OnDelete event. A list of the supported BOs will be published soon in the

Following are the Tasks that needs to be performed.


  • In the Solution Explorer, right click the BO and select Create Script Files
  • In the Create Script Files dialog box, select the Event:OnDelete. The Event-OnDelete.absl file is generated.
  • Implement the business logic in the generated .absl script file.
  • At runtime, when the user deletes a BO instance and clicks on save, the OnDelete script logic shall be executed.

  Note: The screenshot below shows the new event OnDelete listed along with the other determination events while the developer creates script files.

2. OnSave Validation Enhancement:

In 1608 release, the OnSave validation event has been enhanced.  If the OnSave event returns a ‘false’ value and there is no custom error message raised in the event, then the Studio will automatically raise a technical error message that will be displayed in the end user’s screen. No action is required for the Studio developer during the development.

Business Background: Prior to this feature availability, when the OnSave validation returns a ‘false’ value and there are no custom error message raised, the save is not executed and the user does not receive a relevant error message. The runtime just displays the message ‘Save Failed’. The end user and even the key users of the customer were not able to interpret much from this message to understand why the save was failed.

In 1608, with this new enhancement, when there is no custom error message raised from the OnSave event, the end user shall still receive a relevant message from the system that would help to identify the source of the save rejection. The error message provide the solution name, BO name, node details that is responsible for the save rejection. This is a system enhancement feature and there is no course of action required for the Studio developers.

Sample error message displayed in end user’s screen:

3. Warning message for query usage:

Business Background: In Studio, if the default QueryByElements is used without any selection parameter then it leads to a full table scan and may take a longer runtime execution.

In 1608, the following enhancements has been made for the query usage:

Design Time:

  • If no selection parameters are provided for the query execution, the ABSL compiler generates a warning message to caution the developer on a longer runtime execution time.

  • This applies for queries on Custom BOs and SAP BOs

Run Time:

The system displays a warning message in the UI if the result hits of a QueryByElements exceeds a count of 1000.

For more details on queries, also refer the SCN blog

4. Solution Property Enhancement:

  • In 1605 Studio release, two new fields (Detailed Description & Keywords) were introduced in the solution properties.
    • The Detailed Description field that allows developers to add more information/description about the add-on solution.
    • The Keywords field that allows the developers to maintain relevant keywords for the add-on solution.
  • In 1605, these properties were available only for new solutions that were created.
  • With 1608 release, these properties shall be maintained for existing solutions.

  • The user shall be allowed to edit the values of these properties anytime through the lifecycle of the solution and in all types of tenants (DEV, TEST, PROD).

5. Repository Explorer view changes:

In 1608, the Repository Explorer view -> Reuse UIs is simplified with reduced entries as shown below.

There are documentation added in the Repository Explorer to the following Embedded components (EC). The documentation provides information on the definition of the EC, parameters to be used for the EC, how to use the EC.

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Note: In future releases this shall be enhanced for other listed ECs.

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