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Customer experience is all the rage today, and one might think it is only natural to run with the fast crowd. However, we at SAP Customer Experience are not in it just for the buzz. We are in it, because we believe businesses deserve better. And we are here to make sure they have it, too.

SAP C/4HANA Foundation has just been introduced to the world and is being built with a clear roadmap in mind. The roadmap is based on three assumptions:

  1. Your customers’ expectations are only going to get higher – and this applies to performance, privacy, quality, and global reach.

  2. SAP is the only company today capable of delivering a full range of software in the CX sphere. It makes use of both X-data and O-data to ensure that every business decision is based on both facts and the intangibles.

  3. To enable customers to effortlessly design and deliver excellent customer experience, you need a solid technological foundation that infuses SAP C/4HANA with agility, openness and extensibility.

With this ambitious goal in mind, we have set out to develop the software that helps SAP customers and partners kick-start a business within days and customize their C/4HANA suite as they see fit. Customers should be able to flexibly use enterprise applications and extensions from SAP, observability and application management tools, profoundly understand the customers’ businesses to offer individually customized products and services and offer a powerful extensibility framework. All this and much more is in SAP C/4HANA Foundation’s strategy.

Here are some of SAP C/4HANA Foundation’s planned highlights:

  • Customers and partners can connect, configure, run, and extend their C/4HANA from the single central management console covering all C/4HANA products and services. Consistent provisioning, decommissioning, configuration, etc., will be available there in the form of self-service capabilities.

  • A centralized common identity and role management across the C/4HANA suite is designed mainly for admin and customer employee scenarios. It will enable SAP operations and support engineers to help customers to get the most out of the C/4HANA suite.

  • To ensure seamless extensibility across the suite, we are introducing a unified, scalable, extensible and open API layer to SAP customers and partners - SAP Graph - to streamline the consumption of product pillar information, master data services or integration with other business services.

  • C/4HANA extensibility leverages our extensibility framework SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory (based on open-source propject "Kyma") to extend SAP applications. This offers a way for partners and customers to easily extend SAP applications with customer-led-innovations. Extensibility is supported by the event-based data distribution service, a modern data integration layer.

All these developments define the future of SAP C/4HANA Foundation and create a coherent, flexible and open foundation layer of the SAP C/4HANA suite.



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