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SAP Activate provides project teams and customers with a step-by-step approach and clear guidance to implement a variety of general and specific solutions. We provide the most up-to-date implementation roadmaps to our customer and partners with multiple refreshes per year with the latest industry standards and enhancements. The methodology, in conjunction with the SAP Roadmap Viewer, provides the best implementation path for customer projects from Discover through the Run phase. The SAP Roadmap Viewer provides the latest phases, workstreams, deliverables, tasks, and accelerator content and equips project teams for the tools necessary for a successful go-live.

Figure 1: SAP Activate: Implement and Configure SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Implementation Roadmap

We are pleased to announce a new implementation roadmap for SAP Activate in the SAP Roadmap Viewer, SAP Activate: Implement and Configure SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, as of October 31st. The new roadmap guides teams through the either a Hybris Sales Cloud, Hybris Service Cloud, and Employee Central Service Desk (ECSC) project. It is comprised of phases, deliverables, and tasks in accordance with the SAP Activate Methodology. Additionally, accelerators are linked to the relevant deliverables and tasks making them easy to consume when they are needed. The roadmap covers the implementation of the core solution as well integration to SAP ERP, SAP CRM, and SuccessFactors Employee Central.

The key topics for the SAP Activate: Implement and Configure SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer release includes:

  • Explore phase Fit-to-Standard workshops have hyperlinks to the most up to date Level 1 and Level 2 business decks to simplify planning and delivering workshops.

  • Guided content for teams to use for a guided step-by-step approach for each of the six phases (Discover, Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy, and Run).

  • A comprehensive overview documentation for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer, including a detailed explanation of functional capabilities, transition options, and links to more detailed information.

  • A guided process to the Fit-to-Standard analysis and solution design workshops for Cloud for Service and Cloud for Sales. The goal of these workshops is to review the best practice functionality of the SAP solution, identify delta requirements, and document the conceptual design of the “to-be” delivered SAP enterprise solution.

  • Identified prerequisites for SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Integration with non-SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Cloud Systems. Note, each integration scenario requires different prerequisites.

  • Helpful accelerators to enable customers to run the solution successfully after go-live.

If you are interested to learn more about this new implementation roadmap, you can access it in the SAP Roadmap Viewer here.

We look forward to your feedback in this blog using the comment feature below or on our SAP Activate community on Jam. Our team looks forward to the next update to provide you with the latest information and content!

To stay informed about the latest updates, be sure to follow @janmusil. SAP Activate blog posts will appear in the SAP Communities space with tag #sapactivate, and will also be announced on the SAP Activate Methodology Jam group, request to join here, where a community of 21k people are already actively engaged.