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Certain errors encountered in the installation, initialization and synchronization of Retail Execution app and that are attributed to settings in SAP Mobile Platform are discussed here:

Error:  Command to tRFC/qRFC: Execute LUW again

This error can appear in any one of the following scenarios:

  • When executing the alert generation report
  • Initial sync run from backend to SMP
  • Delta sync run from backend to SMP

A network or connection problem has occurred in SMP. View the details of the error in the SLG1 logs (for issues with initial and delta sync). For alerts, the error message will be displayed on the system, in the screen for alert generation report.


Contact your Basis team to fix the connection issues with SMP or to modify the details for communication channels.

For initial or delta sync, the system will retry to sync with SMP after the predetermined time set in SMP. If the connection issues are resolved by then, the sync (initial or delta) will go through successfully. However, if the issue is not resolved, the system will keep trying after each gap of the predetermined time and the sync objects will remain in queue.

Error:  Synchronization of devices failed


If you are using 3.1.9 MBO, then it is recommended to delete the old App and install the recent App from the App Store.

Error:  App crash when sync is in progress


When Initial or delta sync is in progress, no modifications or creations are allowed; user can only navigate between different screens in the application. No creation or modification is allowed for other applications on the device.

Error:  Http communication error on device


Connection dropped due to lack of network activity.



This message is raised in the backend when the SUP server destination (DOMAIN + Package + RFC Destination) maintained in SPRO is not reachable.

Error:  Http Communication Error

This is because the CRM Single Sign-On (SSO) certificate is not trusted by the ERP system.


To download both CRM and ERP data, you can:

  • Define a trusted connection between CRM and ERP system (in the ERP IMG activity Define General Settings, maintain the CRM RFC destination and then define the trusted connection settings in the ABAP system)


  • Remove the SSO cookie attribute in the security configuration in SCC.  In the ERP Customizing, make sure the trusted setting is set in the ERP system.


Remove the SSO cookie – this will enable data download for both CRM and ERP systems. In the security configuration in SCC, Edit Provider screen, remove the SSO cookie attribute (value MYSAPSSO2 for the property – SSO Cookie Name).

Error: Application failed to install due to different application signature (ANDROID ONLY)


Uninstall any previously installed Retail Execution mobile app from your device and re-install to reproduce the error scenario.

If the error recurs, then go to the Menu > PreferencesDebug screen.  In this Debug screen, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Mail the database encryption key to the system administrator or upload in a message.
  2. Export the database. To do this, click on Export Database.  Explore the folder sdcard/Download folder in your device.


The folder is by default named as Download but may appear as sdcard if  you are using an sdcard.

  1. A new folder with the name will be created along with the timestamp.
  2. Zip the folder and send it to the system administrator in an IT ticket or as a mail attachment.

Error:  Partner Determination Error for Visit

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