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You need to upload attachments to the SAP Retail Execution mobile app. The Business Add-In /MAC/RS_BADI_DEF_ATTACH has been provided with interface /MAC/RS_BADI_IF_ATTACH to help implement the feature of uploading attachments to the app.

The standard system provides a sample BAdI implementation for the method /MAC/RS_BADI_ATTACH_CREATE_BEF.  For this sample implementation to work, attachments that are being uploaded must have the naming convention as listed in the following table.  The app uses this naming convention to assign the attachments appropriately.

Attachment Type



Identifies the image to be a floorplan image


Identifies the image to be a planogram


Identifies the image to be a photo


Identifies the image to be a log


Identifies the image to be a promo

You can create an implementation for this BAdI and execute the method /MAC/RS_BADI_ATTACH_CREATE_BEF. The logic  for the parameter IV_ATTACH_USAGE must be filled in such a manner that the images get assigned to the respective attachment types.


You have uploaded image of a contact to the business partner. You need to follow the naming convention as PHOTO_XXXX

Similarly, when you capture a picture on device, you must save the image as PLANO_YYYY.  When you attach the picture to a visit,  the image will be stored as a planogram.