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Welcome back! This is the second blog in our Analytics Series.


Refer the link below for previous blog


In this blog we will cover the features that area available to a Key user while he/she is working on reports in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer.


Below is the list of actions available to key user:

  • Create an assign reports to work centers and roles

  • Create views and selections

  • Mark selections as default for report or view

  • Enable hierarchy on reports

  • Structure tables for hierarchical view

  • Create report to report navigation and thus pass filters and navigate between reports

  • Exception and Condition based reporting

  • Maintain field specific settings e.g. Sorting, Scaling, ID/Description display, Result rows (sub-totals and totals) etc.

  • Send report via e-mail or Export to Excel

  • Create excel based reports

  • Publish reports on home page


Most of the features listed above are also available to end user. Below are some features that are exclusively available to the Key user.


Enable Fiscal Year based reporting


System provides you a lot of flexibility to choose from standard available fiscal years or create your own fiscal year for reporting.

You can also configure different settings for each year. E.g. If your Fiscal Year ends on 3rd Sat of Dec then the date would be different for each year. The system provides you flexibility to choose different start and end dates for each year.


You can specify period details and give your own description to these periods.



You need to enable Fiscal year based reporting in scoping and then make these settings in fine tuning.


Configure Actions


As an Admin you can control what actions user can perform while working with reports. E.g. if you do not want your users to download reports to excel you can control that.




You can configure following actions:

  • Download

  • Send

  • Open in excel

  • Add fields or attributes


Buffer Hierarchy


If your end users work a lot with hierarchy, you can buffer hierarchy to make these reports more performant. This feature pre-calculates hierarchy and ensures data is ready before end users execute report.


You can schedule the buffering job based on your business requirements.




Broadcasting can used to email regular reports to your users. Broadcasting is available for both reports as well as dashboards.





You can choose from HTML, CSV, URL or XML formats available for broadcasting.


System provides you flexibility to schedule these broadcasts or execute them on ad-hoc bases. Logs are available for you to analyze the job execution.




Maintain translation

You can use language translation tool to maintain translation of report names.


Embed report in business object

For contextual analysis you can embed reports on BO facet. This can be done using KUT tool.



Please note this blog only talks about report specific features. A key user can do a lot more using Business Analytics workcenter.


See you again next week when we will talk about dashboard creation.