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Product and Topic Expert
Hello everyone! I'm Charis from the CRM & CX Product Learning CoE team, Portfolio Manager for SAP Commerce Cloud solution, and I'm writing this blog post in order to announce that our Developer courses (with course code C4H340 and C4H341) have been recently updated to 2211 version. In this blog post, I will present you a short description for these courses, which changes we made on this release, and how you can access this content.

C4H340SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Part 1

This is a 4-day course, which illustrates the main functionalities and concepts of SAP Commerce Cloud, and helps participants understand what is out of the box and what has to be implemented. For each area presented in the course, participants will write a "hello world" application.

The course is targeted for software developers, software architects and technical consultants.

C4H341 - SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Part 2

This is a 3-day course and it's considered as continuation of SAP Commerce Cloud Developer Part 1. The course covers additional features which are essential for completing the participants understanding about SAP Commerce Cloud implementation capabilities. Participants will, among other things, learn how to customize their Backoffice application, create coupons and promotions, change the way of searching products on the online storefronts, and personalize them.

Both courses are available on Learning Hub as eBooks and the SAP Training Shop.

What's new on this update?

  • The content is adjusted based on the Composable storefront, in order to support the product's strategy. New slidedeck was created to cover the Composable Storefront topic.

  • Content related to Accelerator storefront (such as Accelerator Based Site and Addons) was removed, as they will be deprecated.

  • All the exercises related to frontend are built on Composable Storefront.

  • New exercise about how to install the Composable Storefront.

  • WCMS exercise was revised based on Composable Storefront (instead of JSP).

  • OCC exercise was revised based on yocc extension (instead of yoccaddon).

  • The agenda of both courses was restructured based on the changes above and the timings.

Live System Access

Both courses will be available for Live System Access, an easy way to perform the hands-on exercises of these courses via SAP systems. For more information, please refer to this blog post.


Please fell free to share feedback or ask any question in the comments below. I would be glad to answer them!
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