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Product and Topic Expert
We are living in a customer-centric era and the experience we provide to our customers defines the success of our business. Customer experience has a direct impact on customer churn and reduced revenue. That is lost profit that no company can afford. Following a bad experience, 61% of customers take their business elsewhere.

Collecting customer feedback is crucial to understand how you are performing and how customers view your products and services. Companies are making great strides with experience management. Many do collect feedback and probably also closely monitor NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), or even CES (Customer Effort Score) in shiny dashboards. However, when it comes to acting on the feedback, that is still only an afterthought. Not many companies close the feedback loop, the most important step in a customer relationship.

We at SAP make automating the closed feedback loop easy by enabling it to be part of your ongoing customer relationship. With the SAP Customer Experience/ Qualtrics integration plugin you can automate feedback gathering and integrate it with your customer-facing processes like sales and service. That helps you understand how your customers feel and immediately act when needed. Your customer relationship will be strengthened, and it will increase trust and loyalty.

Complete the customer journey from Lead to Promoter. Let’s look at the use cases you can implement today.

● Web2Lead - Drive Lead Management in Sales Cloud by interacting with prospects via Qualtrics survey/ webform. Example: Registration pages for Webinars, Whitepapers, Interest in new product, contact us form.
The Web to Lead feature allows you to insert information from your Qualtrics survey into the lead object of SAP Sales Cloud. Conditions along with advanced logic will be used to identify which respondents will create a lead and which ones will not.

● Improve customer service experience by collecting and responding to feedback at key points, such as immediately after a service ticket closes. Closing a ticket might look like work well done from the company’s perspective, but it is important to make sure the customer is satisfied with the outcome too.

● Enable closed-loop management based on certain Qualtrics responses and/or conditions by enabling the automatic creation of a service ticket in SAP Service Cloud. Example: Create an escalated service ticket to immediately reach out to a dissatisfied customer. This gives you a chance to turn a bad customer experience into a good one and reduce customer churn.

● Automate business processes or follow-up actions based on customer feedback. General response mapping provides easy integration to SAP Service and Sales Cloud from within the Qualtrics Actions Platform. Create or update any object that is available via the Odata API. Example: Create a task for an account manager to reach out to thank a customer for promoting your business (promoter).

TetraPak is a great example of a company that leverages SAP Customer Experience solutions and Qualtrics to put the customers at the center and stay ahead of the competition. Read the customer story: Tetra Pak: Closing the Experience Gap with SAP and Qualtrics

To learn more about automating feedback to action using SAP Customer Experience/ Qualtrics integration check out this microlearning video.