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Web Browser caching is almost always used by SaaS applications to deliver highly responsive web based applications.

Retrieving static assets like images, JavaScript files and other metadata, over the network from the server, can be very expensive. On mobile devices this can also lead to faster battery drain. Therefore every browser ships with HTTP caching which can store these types of files locally and eliminate the need to request the same from the server.

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer application also makes use of the HTTP cache to store these static assets. Therefore it is very important to make sure that correct browser settings are set while using the application.

When a browser has to download static assets from the server it is termed as a cold browser. This happens one time or whenever the cache is invalidated due to a change reflected from a Hot Fix or an upgrade. However, if a user overrides cache settings it can lead to cold browser behavior more frequently.

When a browser renders static assets from the local HTTP cache it is termed as a warm browser.


Fig above shows performance penalty of using a cold browser.


Therefore to ensure the use of HTTP cache please make sure the following settings are set for your browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

On Internet Explorer please navigate via the gear icon  to internet options.

Make sure "Delete browsing history on exit" is not checked. Then please click on settings and make sure the option for "Check for newer versions of stored pages" is set to Automatically and the recommended disk space is set to at least 250 megabytes.



Google Chrome

Please navigate to the settings either by entering "chrome://settings/" in the URL or by clicking on the 3 dots as shown in the screen shots below.

Then please click on advanced settings


Make sure the options are set as above