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Explorium’s automated external data science platform helps companies improve model accuracy and make better data-driven decisions

The need for companies to leverage external data is no longer a nice-to-have, but critical to success. Extracting quality data from a variety of reputable sources is extremely labor-intensive, costly, and manual. Looking to streamline and more effectively leverage external context to feed into your analytical models and improve decision making? Meet Explorium. 

Explorium re-thought how people find, discover, and utilize new data assets in the context of their business challenges. Instead of starting with your hypothesis of ‘what could be relevant for my use-case?’, Explorium’s automated external data platform enables customers to start with the use-case itself: i.e. what question are we trying to solve for?" This dramatically accelerates time to insights and empowers users to instantly interact with and leverage high-quality and high-variety external context (data) to feed into their analytical models and improve accuracy.

The one-two punch

How does Explorium stand out from the crowd? It’s automated. Explorium’s platform can understand the customer’s internal first party data, connect that data to hundreds of external data inputs, and then automates the process of distilling signals and quantifying their relevance, which feeds more variety into models, ultimately translating into more reliable (and robust) decision-making. Another key differentiator? The data. Explorium is constantly accruing and acquiring external data to grow it’s external universe of high-quality and relevant data that customers can consume through a single access point for their BI and/or ML needs. Customers can trust Explorium’s data and know it will have an impact as everything is measured and validated automatically too.

Explorium customers see a ~20% increase in predictions achieved by external data.

Major business impact in days and hours, not months

With Explorium, data scientists, business analysts, and advanced data practitioners from CPGs, financial services, retail and SaaS can now match outside data with their own, automatically. Instead of spending an exorbitant amount of energy and resources on gathering and interacting with external data, Explorium’s customers benefit from automation of this step — gaining more time to invest in hypotheses, research, training and ultimately deploying more models — because they have more and better data to do so — leading to better decisions, faster. Across CPGs, Explorium’s customers see significant improvement in their field sales go-to-market, more effective demand forecasting, promotion optimization, and an increase in customer engagement.

One of Explorium’s CPG customers sees a 43% growth in conversion for net new business. 

SAP + Explorium = Faster, better insights

With Explorium, SAP Sales Cloud & Customer Data Cloud customers can tap into their first-party data and dynamically integrate it with outside sources, extracting powerful context-based signals to inform more precise acquisition, conversion and retention decisions, across channels & markets, in far less time. Explorium will help SAP customers increase revenue, streamline operations, reduce risks, and automate model performance, model prediction, and model training.

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Explorium participated in SAP.iO Foundry Tel Aviv’s Consumer Engagement cohort and is an SAP PartnerEdge Integrate Partner. Explorium is currently building an integration with SAP Sales Cloud & SAP Customer Data Cloud. 

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