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SAP Hybris is a force to be reckoned with that was created to compete with market leaders. Formerly known as Customer Engagement and Commerce (CEC), SAP Hybris has become a hot piece of software and an excellent acquisition by SAP. Read more to find out what we do.


SAP Hybris helps consumer businesses in their digital transformation via state-of-the-art customer relationship management (CRM) and commerce for all their customer touch points. SAP Hybris offers omnichannel solutions for businesses to ensure that their customers have a unified experience when interacting with a brand or business. The goal is to ensure that all channels (in stores, online, customer service, purchasers/buyers, and marketing) become integrated. 


Under one umbrella, SAP & SAP Hybris each bring their own assets to revolutionizing CRM. SAP Hybris brings the marketing and commerce expertise through omnichannel solutions. When combined with the powerful processing of S/4HANA, SAP Hybris holds a competitive advantage by integrating IT and commerce together.


Marketing & Commerce is an omnichannel solution. Most businesses have more than one channel and want to empower their employees with technology. This enables associates to look up customer profiles and gain insight to customer behavior. SAP Hybris is highly focused on business intelligence, allowing brands to observe consumer behaviors.

Sales & Service is the customer contact solution. This solution helps keep track of sales activities, contacts, and gives context to the sales and support personnel.

Billing: SAP Hybris has its own billing system that integrates seamlessly with all of the other software on the SAP Hybris platform.

“One brand, one experience”


Shopping is changing – customers are revolutionizing how they shop because they have access to unlimited information about products. Everybody has their own method of shopping – and it is crucial for businesses to know about this. You can’t just empower the customers, the businesses must empower themselves. SAP Hybris helps businesses adapt to these changes.



  • Hybris Profile gives brands the ability to profile customers contextually by their own behavior in real-time or through big data. This allows companies to anticipate trends within various demographics.
  • YaaS stands for Hybris-as-a-Service. YaaS focuses on micro-services, allowing customers and partners to develop services on their own within the Hybris platform.For example, partners or customers can build standalone services and resell them
    As you can see, SAP Hybris is a well-rounded software platform to aid businesses take part in the digital transformation.