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When you maintain Opportunity line item and try to maintain a product, you can enter the alternative ID of a given product instead of the product ID. It is expected that the corresponding product identified by the alternative ID could be determined successfully.

Detail steps to achieve it

1. I plan to use the standard alternative ID type ALT_NO. The related customizing could be found here:

The database table to store alternative ID is ISAM_O_VEH_IDS:

This type is assigned to profile ISAM:

2. Assign the profile ISAM to transaction type ZJER:

3. In tcode COMM_HIERARCHY, assign ALT_NO to product category.

The settype ISAM_O_VEH_IDS must also be assigned to category.

4. Now you could maintain alternative ID for product created based on product category MAT_:

Once saved, you can find one entry in ISAM_O_VEH_IDS:
5. Now create an opportunity with transaction type ZJER,

it is not necessary to type product ID "JVM" now. Instead I can type alternative ID "JDK 1.7":

And the product could successfully be determined. Click the hyperlinks in the two columns and still the product overview page could be reached.

If determination does not work as expected, you can debug the function module CRM_ORDERADM_I_PROD_DETERM_OW for trouble shooting.