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Product and Topic Expert
Hi SAP Community!

Another blog post presenting new stuff created for the SAP Customer Experience Solutions Integration and Extensibility portfolio. This time a a brand new Live Session: Starting with SAP Integration Suite for Customer Experience.

Background Context

Starting with SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP Integration Suite can be difficult if you don't know the different account options for BTP and also due to the intensive rebranding for the products and features in its products (for example what happened with HCI -> SCPI- > SCI ... ;)). In addition to the "red tape" difficulties, there are tons of features and functionality within SAP Integration Suite which sometimes are not well known out there. Last but not the least, how can you use all those features in the CX world? if you recognise yourself in the previous lines ...why don't spend some time in getting a head start with it or just sorting and arranging the knowledge about it you already could have.

What is it about?

By attending to this live session, you will know more on the utilisation of SAP BTP and SAP Integration Suite focused in Customer Experience scenarios. Also the predefined integration packages available for SAP Customer Experience Solutions will be introduced and presented. SAP Integration Suite and integration flows basics will be explained too.

Integrations with SAP Customer Experience in SAP API Business Hub

Who is it for?

This live session has been created for those persons who need to learn about SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP Integration Suite topics applied to SAP Customer Experience Solutions. Consultants, Integration Developers, and Architects are the targeted roles.

What does it offer?

This 90 minute live session, presented by florian.kupke or any other fellow expert consultant or instructor from our team, is a webinar delivered via SAP live class (e.g. zoom), that will consists in explanations but most important also lots of demonstrations on these topics:

  • Introduction to SAP BTP and SAP Integration Suite

    •     How to get your own trail account

  • SAP Integration Suite Integration basics

    • Overview SAP Cloud Integration

    • Discover, Design, Operate

    • Integration Flows

  • A real Integration Flow sample explained

  • Integration packages for SAP Customer Experience

  • Resources

  • Questions & Answers

How can you book it?

This live session is available on SAP Learning Hub. You will need to have a subscription with access to the SAP Customer Experience learning resources in order to register for the live session there. You can download the latest Content catalog and filter for the content you are interested in to see if it is available for your subscription.

There are two ways to access to the registration page of this live session (as well as the schedule of the next occurrences😞

  1. You can go to SAP Learning Hub, and search for “Live Sessions: Starting with SAP Integration Suite for Customer Experience”, the live session should be among the first results with the code: (EXPERT_LED LS_CE_INTSUITE_EN) under “Learning Content”

  2. You can also use the direct link here, but please remember you need to be logged in on SAP Learning Hub first to use the link: Live Sessions - Starting with SAP Integration Suite for Customer Experience

Please Note

For better understanding the live session’s content, it’s recommended you know about SAP Customer Experience Solutions already before or after attending the live session. A great place to start is the openSAP Microlearning videos for CRM and Customer Experience, including the SAP Customer Experience Portfolio and Getting Started with Integrations, playlists. Also there are CXWorks Expert Recommendations articles for best practices and join the Customer Experience Learning Room for updates on various enablement sessions scheduled on a regular basis.

Last But Not Least

If you want to know more or get informed on any update of this live session, please follow this blog post by clicking on the “follow” green button on the left. You can also follow me fernando.redondo for more blog posts about SAP Customer Experience Solutions - Integration and Extensibility topics...

Thanks for your interest! Please share any comments or suggestions below.