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Product and Topic Expert
Some solutions, such as finding a way to improve a skill, involve a journey. And, most journeys require a guide. That guide may be a book, various web content, a teacher or mentor, or attending master performances for aspiring performing artists. Whatever the journey, and however we arrive at our goal or destination, we usually don’t arrive with no information to guide us. That’s where our practical guides come in.

Whether you’re an SAP Sales Cloud or SAP Service Cloud expert with a specific question, or just beginning your journey to manage and improve customer engagements with SAP, the Solution Guide for SAP Sales Cloud and the Solution Guide for SAP Service Cloud can guide you every step of the way.

The guides are ready for you

These accessible guides cover key aspects of setting up and using SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud. The guides are searchable and downloadable as a pdf, and the table of contents collapse into manageable sections that help you navigate to your area of focus.

The Solution Guide for SAP Sales Cloud enables you to equip your sales team with the resources to close more deals faster in today's complex selling environment. How? By showing them how to capture, qualify, and convert leads into opportunities; create sales quotes and orders; and do sales forecasting. Topics include:

  • Common Tasks: The first section, and a good place to start, documents essential features such as the Navigation Menu, Search, Support and Help, the Homepage, Workflows, and Customer Onboarding.

  • Leads: We love leads, and we need to manage them. In this section, you’ll learn how to create, nurture, and convert leads to opportunities and accounts.

  • Sales Quotes: Leave the heavy lifting of quote creation and management to SAP Sales Cloud. This section documents the many features SAP Sales Cloud offers to help in the creation, maintenance, processing, workflows, pricing, and reporting of sales quotes.

  • Sales Acceleration: Efficiency is very important in sales. This section documents how to deploy SAP Sales Cloud efficiency features such as call lists, assignments, and call outcomes to manage time and resources toward sales.

  • Sales Target Planning: It’s better to focus, rather than spreading resources too thin. This section documents creating, maintaining, and reporting target plans.

The above are five of the 30 sections in the Solution Guide for SAP Sales Cloud. Access the guide to explore them all!

The Solution Guide for SAP Service Cloud helps speed up issue resolution and improve service productivity by leading you through capabilities like setting up communication channels, creating and managing tickets, and using customer hub to resolve issues. Topics include:

  • Tickets: No, they’re not sports or opera tickets, but the service tickets among the fundamental pillars of any service organization. Learn in this section how to create, manage, process, resolve, and integrate them.

  • Resource Scheduler: Efficient planning and scheduling is important in the service process. Learn how to scope, configure, and use the Resource Scheduler in this section.

  • Skills Management: Customers need appropriate resources assigned to service them, and a service organization needs to plan for trainings. Learn in this section how to scope and configure Skills Management, create skill groups, assign skills, and use skills in the Resource Scheduler.

  • Activities: Service roles involve lots of communications and tasks. This section shows you how to use SAP Service Cloud to manage them all.

  • Workflows: Learn how to automate your business processes using workflows. This includes triggering automatic e-mails and defining conditions to update fields or calculated values, scheduling workflows based on dates, time, or other complex conditions, and creating multi-step approvals.

The above five sections and 19 more are there for you in the Solution Guide for SAP Service Cloud.

Wherever you are in your SAP Sales Cloud or SAP Service Cloud journey, take some time to access your guides, get answers to questions, or delve into any topic in detail. You’ll arrive at your goal as quickly and easily as possible with the Solution Guide for SAP Sales Cloud and the Solution Guide for SAP Service Cloud. The guides may even introduce you to capabilities you hadn’t considered and would love to implement along your way!

For even more information, we suggest you also visit the SAP Customer Experience engagement page, which will guide you to a deeper understanding of your SAP Customer Experience solution and a more streamlined enablement experience. If you have a specific question, post it on the Ask a Question page; experts at SAP and in the SAP user community are there to help.