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Happy Friday All!

With the sun shining and the weekend fast approaching, it's got me in the mood for a celebration!

Luckily next week Emarsys are returning once again for our biggest event of the year, the Power to the Marketer Festival on June 7-8th.

This year's theme is centered all around celebrating marketers who have successfully maneuvered the intersection of art and science to deliver omnichannel campaigns their customers love and drive the outcomes their businesses need.

Expect practitioner-focussed sessions and panels with retail brands like:

  • Brandsdal

  • Ochsner Sport

  • BrandAlley

  • Estée Lauder

  • Hobbii and 

  • Retail Touchpoints

Not to mention the session we’re kicking the festival off with…

SAP Emarsys - Product Strategy, Roadmap, and Innovations

In this session we’ll share news about our latest product launch and take a deep dive into how the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform:

  • Unlocks time to value by onboarding your data easily and executing campaigns fast

  • Demonstrates the revenue impact of marketing efforts

  • Is undergoing continuous improvement to meet the demanding needs of marketers in 2023 and beyond

To get access to this session and a whole host of content over the two days, register for the Omnichannel Masterclass now!