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Delivering emails to Polish mailbox providers can be challenging and is not as straightforward as for providers based in other European countries. In this article I would like to explain the specific characteristics of Polish mailbox providers, what Emarsys is doing for their clients and what can clients do themselves if they notice delivery issues.
For April 2023, Emarsys has an outstanding performance for all 3 Polish mailbox providers covered in this article with a delivery rate of 99.xx%.

Unlike many other mailbox providers globally, most Polish providers only allow an unknown rate limit for emails to be delivered to their infrastructure within a certain timeframe. All emails above this threshold will either be delivered with delays or will return a bounce if the email could not be delivered within 48 hours after the email campaign was sent. This rate limiting is currently applied to the following mailbox providers:

How Emarsys helps their clients

Emarsys is a Premium Sender for WP (Wirtualna Polska) with their most common domains, and This means that all Emarsys clients can deliver emails to this mailbox provider without any rate limiting and thus mostly without the typical delays and bounces. It is important to mention, however, that the Premium Sender contract Emarsys has with WP (Wirtualna Polska) does not guarantee inbox placement. This provider still applies spam filter mechanisms to all incoming emails and emails can still be scrutinised and flagged as spam.

What Emarsys clients can do for a better performance

First of all, it is vital to apply the latest email marketing best practices to ensure the success of your email campaigns. This includes focusing on your active contacts and sending content that contacts are interested in and would like to receive. If you notice issues with one or more Polish mailbox providers, you can try to send your email campaigns to this provider in intervals over a longer period of time instead of sending all emails at once. One approach to avoid or lower the above-mentioned rate limiting can be to spread the sending to the mailbox provider that causes issue over a time of 12 hours. Afterwards, you should look at the email campaign analysis how well this approach worked and adjust this plan if necessary.

For Interia (Grupa with their most common domains, and there is a similar paid service as mentioned above for WP (Wirtualna Polska). To become a Premium Sender at Interia a contract can be closed between the sender itself, thus the Emarsys client, and Interia. If you are interested in the services offered by Interia, please contact Emarsys Support and we can provide you with the contact details of an Interia representative.

Tip: When considering signing a contract for their services you should analyse your data first, check how many contacts at Interia you are sending to regularly and what’s the expected return on investment (ROI).

Onet (Grupa Onet) supports BIMI

Even though as of approx. April 2023 Onet (Grupa Onet) started supporting Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI), this will not have a direct effect on the rate limiting applied to senders. However, implementing BIMI may still have a positive effect on delivering your emails to Onet due to the visibility of your brand's logo in the email as well as increased trust and brand awareness. Please read this article how you can implement BIMI for your brand.

What’s next?

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