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Dotaki ,a personality analytics engine,  can be leveraged to understand the personality type of the users browsing the storefront and then nuance the messaging and content on the website.

In this blog post we will touch upon how this can be extended to personalize the website survey content.

Overall Architecture

The diagram above depicts how the personality type information can be determined from clickstream data in Dotaki and then passed on the SAP Context Driven Services and Qualtrics to drive the personalization.

Dotaki provides a tag which can be inserted in the footer of SAP Commerce Cloud storefront. The personality type once determined is persisted in the localstorage of the browser.

This information can be passed as embedded data to Qualtrics survey to design the survey flow.

See below how this is configured in Qualtrics:

  1. In Qualtrics configure a survey with question blocks for different personality types

  2. Tailor the survey flow to show the block relevant to personality type based on the value in embedded data.

  3. Pass the value in localstorage as embedded data in the website intercept.Once all the intercepts and surveys are published in Qualtrics , visitors will be served survey content tailored to their personality types based on profiling from Dotaki. Dotaki is available on the SAP appcenter here.

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